Master in Mechanical Engineering


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Program Description

Master in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is a broad discipline, dealing with basic principles of mechanics, design, and manufacturing of all kinds of mechanical systems. Its scope is extensive, and its interaction with other disciplines becomes more complex than before due to the rapid advancement in science and technology, ranging from the conventional technology associated with power systems, transportation, and manufacturing to nanosystems and biomedical systems.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering, aimed at excellence in education and research, has been recruiting top-quality faculty members and acquiring modern facilities and equipment. The Department will eventually grow to the size of 35 faculty members, 200 undergraduates, and 300 graduate students. The undergraduate program is designed to provide a broad scientific and technical background in mechanical engineering.

The curriculum consists of courses that develop basic theories and fundamental concepts as well as courses that show the interplay of these concepts with a variety of applications. Emphasis is placed on the engineering science areas of solid and fluid mechanics, engineering materials, thermodynamics and heat transfer, dynamics, control, experimentation and measurement, and on the integration of these fields through design and system synthesis. Graduate students will find opportunities to select areas of research and advanced courses leading to an advanced degree in mechanical engineering. To meet the demands of industry, Department of Mechanical Engineering has focused on improving both industrial application technologies and theoretical developments in science and engineering.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering was evaluated as the nation’s top graduate program in the field of mechanical engineering by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. The number of papers per faculty per year already exceeded 5 which is the average number of world-class top universities in the world and the impact factor per paper is also approaching those universities. The department also houses 14 National Research Laboratories, all being sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. These numbers is the highest among all mechanical engineering departments in Korea.

Last updated Jan 2018