Master in Materials Science and Engineering


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Program Description

Master in Materials Science and Engineering

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) was established in December 1986 simultaneously with the founding of POSTECH. Started as “The Department of Metallurgy and Materials Science”, the name was first changed to “The Department of Materials & Metallurgical Science” in 1990 and was again renamed as “Materials Science & Engineering” in 2001. The undergraduate program initially started with thirty students admitted in 1987 and the maximum capacity expanded to thirty-five in 1990. Currently, twenty-five students are being admitted as MSE majors annually, and up to ten undeclared students may be admitted to MSE after one year from their admission to POSTECH.

The graduate program was started in 1988 with fifteen students pursuing Master and five students pursuing Ph.D. degrees. At present, about fifty-five graduate students are being admitted annually. The department of MSE at POSTECH plays a leading role in research related to the materials industry and is striving to become the global hub in the field of materials science and engineering by high-quality education and high-impact research. The department aims to educate students to acquire fundamental and pivotal knowledge in the overall fields of materials science as well as the specialized knowledge that will allow students to understand the specific field of their choice deeply. In accordance, students are required to take courses that will help them gain an overall understanding of materials in their second and third years. In their third and fourth years, students may select courses according to their interests from the wide range of courses that cover the various aspects of materials.

The Department is currently focusing on strategically chosen research areas: Nano-Electronic Materials and Systems, NanoPhotonics Materials and Systems, Advanced Structural Materials, Energy and Environmental Materials, Bio and Organic Materials, and Fundamental/Computational Materials Science.

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