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Media saturation has made advertising more costly and less effective. In addition, users are increasingly sophisticated and reject intrusive and irrelevant forms of communication.

Inbound marketing has become an indispensable tool in the online marketing department, as it contributes with an attraction and conversion marketing methodology that works in an integrated way with digital marketing techniques with the aim of attracting, retaining and converting users into customers in a sustainable and profitable way.

In Master in Inbound Marketing you will learn in a practical way, through an integral inbound marketing project , with the Hubspot software, to design an inbound marketing strategy, identifying the "Buyer Persona" and drawing the conversion funnels as well as the arguments , content and marketing techniques appropriate for each audience and at each moment of the purchase cycle.

What will I learn?

By completing your Master in Inbound Marketing, you will be perfectly able to:

  • Become a professional pioneer in the methodology of Inbound Marketing.
  • Understand what the goals are in online marketing and learn the techniques and tools to tackle them.
  • Understand how Hubspot works, an inbound marketing tool.
  • Learn how to define key factors (KPIs).
  • Design and execute an inbound strategy, maximizing your opportunities.

To whom is it directed?

The Master in Inbound Marketing provides training specifically geared to the following profiles:

  • Marketing professionals, integrated into an organization, who want to acquire the knowledge and tools necessary to delineate a strategy of attracting traffic and generating business opportunities.
  • Experts who want to deepen inbound marketing and acquire knowledge to take advantage of new trends autonomously, without the help of an external agency.

Study Plans

The Master in Inbound Marketing is organized as follows:

Module 1. Laying the Groundwork for an Inbound Strategy

  • Inbound Marketing Methodology
  • Strategic elements of an Inbound Marketing project
  • Tools and technology for Inbound Marketing
  • Masterclass: Workshop defining the theme of a blog and keywords
  • Masterclass: Hubspot

Module 2.Create a content plan

  • Content strategy: its importance in current marketing
  • How to create a content plan for your Inbound strategy
  • Technical aspects for your content plan
  • Masterclass: Map of contents
  • Masterclass: Success stories

Module 3. Traffic Attraction: SEO, Linkbuilding and Guestblogging

  • Inbound-style traffic attraction: a global vision
  • SEO On-Page To Improve Your Web Positioning
  • Off-Page SEO, Linkbuilding and Guestblogging
  • Masterclass: Positioning of a blog
  • Masterclass: Success stories

Module 4. Strategy in social networks to capture traffic and leads

  • Social Networking Strategy
  • How to get leads and traffic in social networks
  • Social Media Ads: Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin
  • Masterclass: Strategy in social networks
  • Masterclass: Office of social media ads

Module 5. Maximize traffic through conversion

  • The Allied Elements of Conversion
  • Creation and analysis of landing pages
  • Conversion optimization through the CRO
  • Masterclass: Optimizing a landing page
  • Masterclass: Success stories

Module 6. Inbounding, generating short-term results

  • Overview of the concept of Inbound
  • Asset case studies for inbound
  • Other short-term funding techniques
  • Masterclass: Iboundalization of assets of a company
  • Masterclass: Success stories

Module 7. Automating Inbound Marketing

  • Marketing Automation Tools
  • Lead Scoring and Smarketing
  • Lead Nurturing and Email Marketing
  • Masterclass: System of scoring and nurturing
  • Masterclass: Success stories

Module 8. Analytics to make better decisions in your Inbound Marketing strategy

  • Analysis of the generation of visits
  • Analytics of conversion and recording of records
  • Analytical in the qualification of registries and capture of clients
  • Masterclass: Analytics of an Inbound Marketing Funnel
  • Masterclass: Success stories
  • Post-Graduation Final Project

* The study plan and the masterclass may suffer changes due to the updating and improvement of the same.

Why choose us?

Find out what sets us apart.

Online School # 1

IEBS is the first online school to appear in the CSIC ranking and the 9th best in Spain.

Ibero-American Ranking

2nd Online Business School in the Ibero-American ranking of Business Schools.

Double Titration

Agreements for the accreditation of our degrees with the most prestigious universities

Educational Excellence

Awarded with Educational Excellence through the Educaedu portal

Star of Gold 2017

From the Institute for Business Excellence for the contribution and commitment to the educational quality of IEBS .

Most Innovative Profile

We apply innovation in learning. Recognized by Fecyt as one of the most innovative profiles.

Quality Learning

The only online school accredited to meet the stringent requirements to convey quality e-learning

Industry Experts

IEBS teachers meet four requirements: Knowledge, Experience, Empathy, Passion for teaching.

Innovative learning model

At IEBS we apply the most modern methodologies and learning techniques. The programs are developed following systems of agile methodologies and structured into weekly classes where the student has a set of goals and targets to meet, plus a project to implement from the knowledge gained with the guidance and supervision of a mentor.

What does it consist of?

  • Inverted class: we start with the project you need to solve
  • Learning by projects: we learn by doing and listening
  • Team work: we work and learn in groups
  • Formal, informal and social learning: we use all the useful resources available

How it works?

  • The principle of each class and module is always a project to be developed
  • The student accesses the formal and informal didactic resources proposed by the teacher
  • Participation in debates to reinforce concepts and key ideas
  • Arrangement of a mentor, an industry expert who developed classes, to solve their problems and have real-world feedback.

Program Summary

How long does it last?

It lasts 450 hours.

How much is it?

Has a price of: U $ S 3,350

When does it start?

Starts 04/25/2019.


With IEBS in interest-free tuition.

Available Scholarships

  • Smart Bag: Save 25% off the price
  • Impulse Bag: Save 40% off the price

Application process

  1. Complete and submit the online application
  2. Conduct a personal interview and a fitness test
  3. Registration formalization
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Apr 2020
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