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Program Description

Top 200 – Regional ranking within the 9 geographical zones
Ranked N. 60 in Marketing, Western Europe

With our Master in Marketing & Sales, we offer the key to corporate excellence to professionals in direct contact with customers, equipping them with the skills required by the market. All companies need professionals in their Marketing Departments who are capable of successfully managing the correct combination of the three main elements offered by our master: solid marketing training and knowledge; the skills necessary to respond effectively to the current market and environment; and the ability to turn the existing technologies into a competitive advantage. Throughout the program, you will be provided with the knowledge and tools to develop your competences.

Two digital marketing experts planning about SEO and link building strategies.

Program Structure

Rome Business School’s Master in Marketing and Sales is structured to provide participants with thorough preparation for the Marketing sector and crucial aspects of other related fields, starting with a wide overview of the broader management world and then proceeding to analyze all the specific subjects and aspects of Marketing, as well as providing an in-depth insight into innovative and responsible leadership, its trends and best practices, as well as how they can be effectively applied to the Marketing and Sales Industry.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course of study, the participants will learn to: 

Effective performance in the areas of marketing and sales: 

  • Developing and implementing the Marketing and Sales strategies required to achieve the planned objectives. 
  • Gaining a command of the techniques and sources for obtaining information, and more in-depth insight into the creation of a Marketing, Sales, and Competitive Intelligence information system. 
  • Identifying opportunities, threats, and possibilities for change within the company’s environment, orienting the strategy based on the potential sales scenarios. 
  • Using the different policies in the marketing mix.

New trends in marketing and sales: Gaining an in-depth overview of the opportunities and risks posed by the new trends that appear every day, and adapting the company to the competitive environment that prevails in two ways:

  • Developing the competencies required to address and enhance new needs in different areas of the organization. 
  • Leading the implementation of new operational management systems-oriented at the market and the consumer.

Executive skills: Training marketing and sales professionals who are equipped to: 

  • Lead and motivate work teams in a globalized and multicultural environment. 
  • Establish effective relations between the Marketing and Sales Department and the rest of the organization in order to enhance the company’s value. 
  • Analyze the market situation, define the different scenarios, identify the opportunities, develop the most suitable marketing strategy, and assess the most effective way to implement it. 

Career Opportunities

With our help, you can create your career strategy via a journey of self-reflection, exploration, and achievement. This program is designed to help you build a solid path towards a successful career and professional future as well as to find opportunities in line with your ambitions and expectations. In particular, the school offers the following services to the enrolled students:

  • Individual Career Counselling Meeting
  • Rome Business School’s Official Career Portal
  • Professional Workshops
  • Rome Business School’s Talent Focus
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The Rome Business School is a Rome, Italy, based Institute of excellence devoted to managerial training and research, which operates internationally, with alumni hailing from more than 140 countries w ... Read More

The Rome Business School is a Rome, Italy, based Institute of excellence devoted to managerial training and research, which operates internationally, with alumni hailing from more than 140 countries worldwide. Read less
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