One of the most prestigious masters in Spain

The Master in Marketing and Digital Communication Strategy (MMDI) is one of the first Masters in this specialty that has been in Spain. Through our classrooms have passed more than 600 students who now occupy positions of responsibility in companies.

What makes the Fundesem MMDI different from other similar programs is the following:

  • Constant updating of syllabuses and faculty cloister. This Master, more than any other, requires being in constant contact with the reality of the companies.
  • Very high employability. Almost 100% of MMDI students find work after graduation. There are promotions where 100% employability has been achieved after taking this leading program in the market.
  • High level of subjects. The difference between a master and a course is precisely the possibility of being able to analyze in depth each of the tools and the subjects.
  • Continuous training. In Fundesem we are aware that this area of ​​knowledge is constantly evolving, so we make available to the MMDI alumni a constant training (which we call post-master) to update and recycle the new trends that arise in this discipline. These classes are free and exclusive for MMDI students.
  • Many activities outside of the classroom. This allows a greater understanding of the subjects.
  • And a vision of the company as a whole. What makes the MMDI students of Fundesem not only experts in digital environment, but they are able to see the company as a whole.

The MMDI also has three specializations available for students:

  • Specialization in SEO / SEM
  • Specialization in Social Media
  • Specialization in Ecommerce


All the Digital School programs follow a practical methodology and focus on the personalized learning of the student. The Digital School programs are focused on the practical and active learning of digital competences. Since the beginning of the MMDI program, the student, and counting on tutors, develops his own website, blog and ecommerce store, developing an online company as a project.

The methodology followed in the MMDI requires a very well-trained faculty, since the classes have to become authentic forums of shared knowledge.

Structure of the program

The MMDI program of FBS Business School is divided into three periods.

Core Period - Specialty - Post-Master

The Core Period is the one that aims to enhance the common and essential subjects related to the digital world (the relationship of the subjects is in the PDF of the downloadable program of this website).

In the Specialties phase, the student can choose between the specialties of:

  • Specialization in SEO / SEM
  • Specialization in Social Media
  • Specialization in Ecommerce

At the end of this phase, and before the student graduates, the student must:

  • Realize a Project Preparation of a Digital Project in which to apply what has been learned with the support and individualized follow-up of a tutor.
  • Support for the Personal Career Plan. Accompaniment for the planning of the Strategic Plan of Career Development of the student. Employability is one of the most important characteristics of Fundesem's MMDI.

And when the students graduate, they can go to Post-Master's training . In this period of voluntary attendance the students expand their knowledge, either with advanced training of some of the tools studied during the Master's degree, or new subjects that complement the training.

Complementary classes

Throughout the course, classes will be taught via streaming with some professors and entrepreneurs who are not located in Spain, but with whom Fundesem can count as a cloister thanks to connectivity. These classes are interactive and students have the opportunity to learn from them. best professionals worldwide.


The MMDI faculty is made up of first-class professionals from the digital world.

The professors either work in companies of recognized digital prestige, in addition to being the best professionals in their areas, or they are the best experts in some of the subjects taught in the Master. Proof of this is the high grade that year after year they receive from our students.


FBS is a non-profit foundation whose objective is the development of professionals and companies. Therefore, the foundation offers candidates a series of scholarships, in order that any student truly committed to their training, can perform the MMDI without economic problems. In addition, FBS has very advantageous financing agreements with several financial entities.

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