Master in Marketing and Business Communication - Traditional, Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy


Program Description

The Master in Marketing and Corporate Communication, accredited ASFOR , is a post-graduate training program with a very practical method, full-time and compulsory attendance, and is structured to respond to the need that companies have of young people able to enter into relationships with consumers and their audiences, using analytical and management skills with an innovative approach to problem solving.

In an always connected world, the relationship between consumers and brands is developed through digital channels and social networks in the form of real-time conversation. Companies wishing to exploit the unprecedented opportunities for interaction offered by digital technology must be able to correctly identify the tools and technologies that allow management of the new relationship with the client, a relationship that must be interactive, participatory and cross-media according to the model imposed by social media.

Accademia di Comunicazione has always monitored the demand of the communication market in terms of skills and skills required and provides for the constant updating of educational contents, according to its evolution. The opportunities for professional opportunities offered by digital growth require specific skills and the ability to develop strategies and tactics adapted to new business and communication processes and models, where digital skills are synergistically grafted onto the body of the fundamental knowledge and skills of marketing. and communication.

Consistent with the methodological approach of the Academy all the knowledge acquired translates into skills and application skills thanks to the project work method: realization of real projects by companies and evaluation of student work by the companies themselves.

Students experience a reality similar to the working one, side by side with established professionals who guide them in the elaboration of complex projects during the entire course of the Master.


The teachers are established professionals, coming from all areas of digital and non-digital marketing and communication, who participate in the drafting of the programs and provide testimonies and assistance during the placement phase. The Teachers are also the privileged interlocutor in the constant process of updating the Accademia di Comunicazione programs to ensure that the preparation offered meets the professional needs expressed by the world of work. It is this constant dialogue - together with the teaching methodology of "learning by doing" - which allows the Master's students to enter the world of work with a preparation that can be immediately operational.

Educational goal

The aim of the Master is to enable participants to develop solutions to achieve customer goals, developing relevant strategies for brands and consumers based on consumer insight, trend analysis, use of data and technologies that play a role in the life of the client. consumer and mastering all methodological approaches and tools -traditional, digital / social- available to achieve the goal.

The interdisciplinary methodology aims to build value through neutral media messages declined on the multiple channels of contact with the public, from the classic to the most current (Internet, Mobile, Digital TV, Social Media), and consistent with the needs, expectations and desires of the consumer.

The active learning method stimulates and enhances the soft skills in terms of relational and behavioral skills that are developed and refined in the realization of the numerous real projects where the participants in the group (different teams for each project) experiment in the field their analytical skills. , synthesis, leadership, collaboration, planning, organization, management of interpersonal relationships, time and priorities, result orientation and tolerance to stress.

A strong point of the program is also the systematic collaboration, in the development of the projects, of the Master's students with the creatives reproducing the environment of a real communication agency: a cross fertilization that is certainly enriching now that the companies begin to perceive creativity as a crucial factor for innovation.


The Master in Marketing and Business Communication is aimed at young people with a Bachelor's or Master's degree in any discipline, motivated to acquire competitive marketing and communication tools that allow them to face the growing complexity of the business and society with innovative spirit.

Employment openings

At the end of the training course, the participants in the Master in Marketing and Business Communication have a wide range of career opportunities being able to rely on a 360 ° preparation that has provided them with the operational skills that the market requires to meet the needs of the ever the most multifaceted world of the marketing and communication professions, now necessarily customer-centric and connected.

  • In the company as marketing manager, brand manager, product manager, research analyst
  • In Advertising / Communication Agencies as advertising account executive, account planner and event planner
  • In Public Relations / Communication Agencies and Company as public relations executive and media relations specialist
  • In Media Centers and Advertising Agencies as media strategists, media planners and media buyers
  • In Research and / or Consulting Company as research analyst, communication / brand consultant
  • In the Digital Departments of agencies, media centers and / or profit and non-profit companies, such as strategists, planners or managers of digital PR / brand reputation, event managers, integrated communications managers, e-commerce and CRM specialist, social media specialist, SEM

The competences acquired in this Master are valid at EU level within the EUROPEAN FRAMEWORK OF QUALIFICATIONS FOR PERMANENT LEARNING (EQF) .

The internships, foreseen at the end of each Course, are to be considered first of all as a period of perfecting one's own formation and secondly as a possible opportunity for future work. For these two reasons, the internship is not automatically decided on the basis of pre-existing agreements with pre-established number of companies, but assumes that every year a specific and precise request by the Company is made with respect to which the students are preselected by the Academy, sent to the selection interview and selected by the same company. It is therefore not only the curriculum and the guarantee that the Academy gives to the Company, but what the individual student during the interview will be able to demonstrate with regard to their abilities and the way of presenting themselves, which will determine the choice of the Company itself. .

Accademia's commitment to the organization of "ad personam" internships that is renewed every year without ever yielding to automatisms of fixed agreements, is aimed at encouraging the possibility that at the end of the internship the student will be confirmed with a contract.

After the master you will be able to work as:

  • Manager of Corporate Communication
  • Product Manager in the Company
  • Account in Advertising Agency
  • Expert in Public Relations
  • Media Planner in Media Agencies and Advertising Dealers
  • Strategic Planner
  • Producer in Production Houses
  • Web Content Writer
  • Digital Media Planner
  • Digital Media Strategist
  • Integrated Digital Media Specialist
  • Web Content Manager
  • SEO Specialist
  • Social Media Planner
  • Social Media Analyst
  • Community Manager
  • SEM Specialist
  • Web Analyst
  • Digital PR
  • Brand Reputation Specialist
  • Mobile Marketing Manager
  • Project Manager
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About the School

Da trent'anni Accademia di Comunicazione forma professionisti del Marketing, della Comunicazione e della Pubblicità con i suoi Corsi Post Diploma e i suoi Master Post Laurea.

Da trent'anni Accademia di Comunicazione forma professionisti del Marketing, della Comunicazione e della Pubblicità con i suoi Corsi Post Diploma e i suoi Master Post Laurea. Read less