The Postgraduate in Marketing Management for Fashion and Luxury Companies is the only program in the Fashion and Luxury sector specialized in Marketing and Management Management, in which strategic Marketing skills and abilities are developed (Marketing Management, Communication, Retail , etc.) applied to the Fashion and Luxury sector.

A specialized multisectoral master's degree that provides an intense and unique perspective of the Fashion and Luxury sectors: Gastronomy, Nautical, Financial Services, Automotive, Private Banking, Tourism

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Study program

  1. Introduction to the Fashion Business
  2. The New Fashion Consumer
  3. Strategic Management in the Fashion Company
  4. Fashion Consumer Insights
  5. Professional Certificate in Brand Management IPQ
  6. Strategic Communication in Fashion and Luxury
  7. Digital business
  8. Fashion and Luxury E-Commerce
  9. Coolhunting and Fashion Trends
  10. Professional Certificate in Management and Leadership IPQ
  11. Fashion Design and Production
  12. Fashion and Luxury Production and Logistics
  13. Economic / Financial Management in Fashion
  14. Beauty and Wellness Business Experience


Once you have completed the Postgraduate Degree in Marketing Management for Fashion and Luxury Companies, you will acquire, among others, the following specific competences, skills and professional skills:

  • Ability to develop and implement processes and strategies of the Marketing area, specifically for the fashion and luxury sectors.
  • Apply financial concepts to marketing.
  • Ability to discriminate the target of each luxury product line.
  • Ability to identify the evolution and macroeconomic trends of the fashion and luxury sectors.
  • Ability to identify the needs and motivations of the consumer in the fashion and luxury sectors, as well as being able to make the best decision to meet their demand.
  • Being able to identify new trends.
  • Ability to analyze, synthesize and reason information based on evidence from the fashion and luxury sector to make the most efficient decisions.
  • Ability to identify the elements that influence the image and brand positioning in order to develop, improve and, where appropriate, modify said image and / or positioning.
  • Ability to develop, implement and optimize SEO and SEM positioning campaigns.
  • Ability to understand the different ways of communicating with the client, as well as adapting to each channel the style, form and tone of the communication.
  • Ability to identify and generate value propositions that enrich the product / brand design.
  • Ability to understand the financial structure of the company, specifically of companies in the fashion and luxury sectors.
  • Ability to innovate and enhance creativity through the analysis and critical evaluation of the decision factors of fashion and luxury.
  • Creation and implementation of events in the fashion and luxury sector
  • Develop a Retail Marketing Plan for a fashion and luxury company.
  • Ability to plan and develop the online communication of a brand.

Objectives | What will I learn?

Performing the Postgraduate in Marketing Management for Fashion and Luxury Companies you can:

  • Identify the unique marketing management aspects of luxury and fashion, and assess the importance of a brand's environment and its strategic management.
  • Identify market trends and transform them into real business opportunities.
  • Understand and use the necessary management techniques, decision-making technology and work methods to complete your marketing profile.
  • Manage the textile and fashion value chain.
  • They will acquire the necessary skills for their incorporation into these specialized labor markets.
  • Provide the necessary tools so that the students who wish to be an entrepreneur.
  • To obtain efficient and fast organizational capacities, applying them to the world of fashion and luxury.
  • Being able to innovate and enhance creativity through the analysis and critical evaluation of decision factors.


The pedagogical model of MSMK is based on the methodological principle 'Learning in Action' .

This principle is transferred to teaching practice through an Active Methodology based on the Constructive Learning Paradigm , through which the acquisition of professional skills is achieved.

For its implementation in the classroom, one of the fundamental methods used is Project Learning - PBL (Project based learning) . This method allows students to build knowledge and develop key competencies by developing projects that respond to day-to-day problems in the professional context.


The protagonist of our 'Learning in Action' model is the student: he builds his knowledge and develops his autonomy and responsibility through a meaningful learning guided by the faculty, which incorporates day-to-day business into the school and acquires the role of strategic facilitator It is the student in charge of planning, structuring the work and developing the product to solve the situation.

The active 'Learning in Action' methodology is key to the good development of the program. To do this, activities such as:


Admission process

The MSMK Admissions Committee's main objective is to form the groups of participants of the different specialized Masters and Programs. By always working with small groups, we select students with homogeneous profiles, where not only their professional and academic experience is evaluated, but also their achievements, skills and professional competencies.

Due to the demand and given the limited number of places , it is advisable to start the admission process several months in advance and even one year.

The admission process of MSMK is rigorous and demanding and has the following phases:


  1. Application and requirements
    The Admission Process starts when the person requests information about a Master or Program of one of the areas of specialization.
    In order to provide as much information as possible, our team of Academic Advisors will help you choose the program that best suits your training needs, skills and professional skills, thus ensuring the success of your specialization.
    In this first phase, the access requirements are specified to be able to start the process, the future student is given the admission applications that he will have to complete and his academic and professional achievements, work experience and skills, as well as his concerns and aspirations are studied.
  2. Personal interview
    In the personal interview, the information obtained in the application process is analyzed in more detail. In this way, it is checked if the candidate has the appropriate profile for the requested Master and the area of specialization.
    This interview can be face-to-face, at the MSMK facilities, either by phone or via Skype, in case the person is not in Madrid.
  3. Access test
    Once the documentation has been submitted and the personal interview has been successfully passed, the candidate will take an entrance MSMK , where all the knowledge, skills and abilities, both professional and academic, acquired by the future MSMK student will be MSMK throughout his life.
  4. Admissions Committee Evaluation
    The Admissions Committee evaluates all documentation, reports and entrance MSMK , which make up the candidate of the future MSMK Student, made by the candidate and generated by his academic advisor in the previous phases.
    Once evaluated, it will give a positive or negative response to the Academic Advisor who conducted the interview to the candidate, who will be the person in charge of communicating the final decision to the candidate.
  5. Registration
    Once admitted by the Admissions Committee and previously communicated by their Academic Advisor, the student will only have to enroll to become a new MSMK Student.

Employment exchange

One of the clear objectives of MSMK is the development of the professional career and the incorporation into the business world of the students. For this, we have a lifetime employment exchange and a specialized internship exchange with more than 700 agreements with national and international companies, covering all sectors that make up the business map.

Through the department of professional careers we make available to students, the services of the lifetime employment exchange destined to establish opportunities to improve the professional trajectory of our students and former students.

Through the specialized internship exchange we offer an optional business internship program, aimed at establishing opportunities for access to the labor market, so that junior profiles can complete their dual training.

On the other hand, we offer the student a personalized guidance and counseling service to ensure the adequacy of their profile to the professional vacancy, in order to meet the needs of qualified personnel demanded by companies.

The employment and internship has the most relevant companies within the economic field, among which we highlight:


Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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