Master in Market Research and Consumer Insights


Program Description


The proposal of this new Master is to train professionals to work in the area of market research and intelligence, professionals able to better understand the changes and trends in the behavior of markets and consumers and to formulate strategies based on data and insisght of value, following and foreseeing new buying and consumption trends and formulating actions according to the philosophy of customer centricity

Today, we do not offer postgraduate courses that provide training and qualification, specialization and updating of professionals for this new market for market research and for CMI posts within research institutes, agencies and consultancies and large companies. companies.

In an era that we need to understand the constant transformations underway that affect economies and businesses, the market and consumption, audiences and consumers, it is essential to better empower these professionals to help companies make better decisions based on research, cross-checking, deeper analysis and interpretation of data and the monitoring and follow-up of dynamic and more unstable social and cultural scenarios.

Companies have increasingly valued and are looking for professionals with this 360 vision. We are increasingly looking for creative professionals and entrepreneurs with a strategic profile who have the ability to feel and understand what is to come. Visionary and vigilant professionals always willing to investigate, monitor, with a critical sense of reality and who can generate intelligence and insights for other areas. For this, it is necessary to strengthen their capacity for analytical understanding of the phenomena that govern, culture and human behavior, with keen intuition and investigative and reflective spirit, 'tuned in' and sensitive to people's insights and attentive observers of daily life

The era of knowledge has highlighted the importance of collecting and analyzing information and data, and has made it increasingly urgent to keep up with constantly changing cultural and market scenarios and trends. Companies crave new methods and techniques for market research, for professionals more qualified to carry out and use research to extract valuable and actionable insights to remain relevant in a new, more dynamic and complex consumer market.

In a collaborative environment, students and teachers will discuss new approaches and techniques in the field of market intelligence and consumer insights. The importance of quickly transforming and interpreting this large volume of data and information into actionable insights and strategic knowledge to diagnose problems and opportunities, to follow in real time and predict new scenarios, to understand the complex journey of media consumption and the intricate process of purchase decision that should be addressed and developed throughout the course.

The internet and social networks appear as a new means to generate conversations and interactions and to practice active listening, a new environment for the collection of information and valuable insights in real time. On the one hand, social listening and social media insights approaches and analytics software facilitate data collection, analysis and interpretation, generating consumer insights that have guided marketing decisions and the validation of new value propositions. On the other hand, on the internet, we can increasingly conduct surveys and panels, and researchers and analysts can have access to thousands of participants willing to answer questionnaires and interviews, and through microanalysis techniques in networks and online communities, practicing netnography. , researchers can hear and understand in greater depth the stories and experiences, pains and desires of their consumers and potential customers.

This new Master of ESPM was designed to understand this huge range of companies and professionals who want to know more about the new and diverse approaches and tools, techniques and methods used today by the areas of research and market research and research with users and audiences. This is a master with an emphasis on market research and analysis of consumer and market behavior and planning marketing strategies that anticipate trends and new consumption and market scenarios, themes that are increasingly challenging companies in this new era.

The course aims to discuss, as the candidate can see in the grid of disciplines, different themes and methods in the field of research, analysis and interpretation of data, enabling professionals to make business diagnoses, predictive market analyzes and better understand the new economy and the behavior of these new consumers.

The differential of this course is to see how we can use neuroscience, semiotics and cultural anthropology research techniques, design thinking and service design and UR techniques, big data exploration tools and unstructured data and the use of statistical tools for base segmentation, behavior forecasting, journey management and customer life cycle.

Course objective

One of the objectives of the course is to update and train market research and intelligence professionals, analysts and strategic planning professionals to better use the various methods and techniques of market research and to understand the dynamics and habits of consumption.

Train the student in the use of current methods and techniques of data research to generate consumer insights and develop analytical knowledge to understand the behavior of new consumers.

Empower business analysis, diagnosis and prognosis and train professionals trained to work in the market intelligence area, in the CMI areas of companies and specialists in the latest trends in market research and UX research, with more human skills and a vision of deeper market and consumption and a greater strategic vision and capacity to monitor and forecast new consumption practices and changes in market scenarios.

Manage data and capture insights about the consumer and the market in a strategic way, subsidizing decision making in increasingly dynamic and complex business environments, generating innovative advantage for the company

Present the different techniques and tools for using data and generating insights: visualization, analysis, pattern identification, generation of applicable recommendations to contribute to the continuous improvement of the business

Walk trails and integrate a range of fundamental disciplines to train research and planning professionals in the areas of business intelligence, consumer and market insights, in the new methods of market research and applied research. A course that enables and specializes professionals who study and analyze the new practices, habits and attitudes of consumers

Who is it for?

The course is aimed at all professionals who want to specialize and grow professionally in the areas of strategic intelligence, research, analysis and marketing planning, trends and consumer insights, UX reserch and branding. To professionals from the most diverse areas who work directly with research and strategic knowledge about the market and the different consumer segments. To analysts and strategists who are concerned with developing customer centric, communication and advertising strategies, product design and development, analysis and strategic planning based on studies and research methods and IMC. To professionals who aim to train, update and expand their knowledge on the area of market research and UXR - user research, in research studies of behavior and socio-cultural trends. To other professionals interested in the study of social behavior and experiences and the application of analytical disciplines and techniques to the business environment. To business professionals, communication agencies who need to train their teams in the area of research and planning. Coordinators and managers of several business segments linked to the areas of IMC and relationship and management of the customer base.

Why choose ESPM EAD?

Live classes

Only at ESPM, all digital classes in all disciplines are held live, with a scheduled day and time.

Academic experience

ESPM professors, as well as in our face-to-face courses, have academic experience and also in the executive environment.

Interaction with the teacher

During classes, students can interact with the teacher live on the platform, answering questions and actively participating in the class in real time, simply by activating their camera and microphone.

Customize your schedules

If you prefer or are unable to participate in the live broadcasts, you can still watch the recordings of all classes, which are available on the system for the duration of the course. Thus, you customize your class schedules according to the needs of your schedule.

All lessons are recorded

Even when participating in the live broadcast, the recordings of each class still remain available in the system for review or consultation by the student until the end of the course.

Assessments directly with teachers

All activities and assessments are applied directly by the teachers of each discipline, and not by monitors or intermediaries, a practice that is common in the market.

Distance education with proximity between teachers and the class?

ESPM does.

ESPM's EAD programs use the resources of the Canvas platform, building a modern and intuitive digital study and learning environment.

What you will learn

The subjects will be conducted by professors with professional and academic experience in the respective subjects, who will present the contents live via web conference, generating great interaction between professors and students with the discussion of cases, text analysis and relevant bibliographic indications.

Integrating Discipline

  • Integrating discipline


  • Business Intelligence applied to CMI
  • Fundamentals, Methods and Research Techniques
  • Strategic Analysis of Behavior and Consumption Trends
  • Design Research: (Service Thinking Design)
  • Storytelling in organizations
  • Applied Research Techniques for Consumer Neuroscience
  • Quantitative Research Techniques and Applied Statistics
  • Applied Anthropology: Ethnography and Netnography
  • Behavioral Sciences and Consumer Behavior
  • Social Networks: Social Influence and Public Opinion
  • Fundamentals, Methods and Techniques of Market Research
  • Data Mining and Social Listening
  • Concept and Product Search
  • Communication Research and Brand Image
  • Shopper Insights and Retail Research
  • Media Research, Metrics and Audience Measurement
  • Metrics and Satisfaction Tracking - NPS


  • Applied Completion Project (PCA)


When happens?

Web conferencing classes will be taught live on Mondays and Wednesdays, from 9/29/2020, from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm, and allow for a more effective and real-time interaction between students and the teacher. If the student is not available to participate in the web conference at the specified time, the student can access the recording of the class later in the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Classes are available on the platform until the end of the course.


7:30 pm to 9:30 pm


7:30 pm to 9:30 pm

How are the ratings on Live EAD ESPM?

Assessments and final grade in each discipline

The final grade of each discipline is obtained by carrying out the activities proposed by their respective teacher. These activities will be delivered online, through the virtual learning environment, Canvas.

To obtain approval in each discipline, the student must, at the end of the period, obtain a minimum final grade of 7.0 (seven) and not exceed the established limit of 25% (twenty-five percent) of absences per discipline. In ESPM's Live EAD, non-publication of the discipline's activities is considered missing.

Course Conclusion Paper (TCC) OR Applied Conclusion Project (PCA)

At the end of the course, the student must complete a Course Conclusion Work (TCC) or an Applied Conclusion Project (PCA), depending on the pedagogical model established by each course. This work will be submitted to an examining board composed by the coordinator and some teachers of the course in question.

For this, it is necessary for the student to attend one of the ESPM units, in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro or Porto Alegre.

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