Master Program in Management of Product Development

Part-time further qualification for engineers.

An integrated approach towards efficient product development uses virtual engineering processes to design highly utilized machine elements and systems.

Participants in the Management of Product Development master program are able to analyze, design, operate and implement the product development process at their companies in an optimized way.

The graduates can successfully translate innovative ideas and innovations into competitive products, with a special focus lying on major criteria like customized product solutions, reduction of production costs as well as optimization of quality standards. Furthermore, they are capable of accompanying and furthering innovation processes by highly creative techniques.

Graduates will be able to cope with the increasing performance and competitive pressure in product development, by shortening development times and product lifecycles.

The German Association of Engineers (VDI) also offers a scholarship of 15000€ specifically for this program. For more information, simply contact us.

Target Group

Future engineering executives in e.g. development or product management. Typical lines of business may be machinery and equipment industry, automotive industry, and automotive industry suppliers, measurement technology and cybernetics, major appliances, including white goods, etc.

Come by on our HECTOR Open Day to get first-hand information on the program and talk to students, as well as HECTOR representatives.


The M.Sc. program offers an integrated approach to product development processes and their management with special consideration of economic aspects.

Only successful product development processes can lead to competitive products. The necessary specific management skills have to account for increasing demands for tailor-made product solutions, low production costs, and high-quality standards. Reduced development times and shortened product lifecycles require an increased power density.

Successful executives must possess creativity and know how to use an integrated approach to problem-solving.

The program conveys how to:

  • Develop creative ideas and strategic thinking
  • Find and generate new successful products
  • Use virtual reality and simulation in product development processes
  • Assume executive tasks, establish and manage effective product development teams
  • Introduce methods to supervise individual development steps

Focus of the Program

The program aims at preparing high-potential engineers in the area of product development for their future positions as key decision-makers. The program will cover the entire product lifecycle starting from finding and defining the customers' demands for new products, on to the creation of new ideas and the introduction of a new product. The courses enable participants to reach an academic level of training and acquire management skills that cannot be obtained through experience alone.

Admission Requirements

In order to be admitted to our Management of Product Development master program, the following requirements have to be fulfilled:

Appropriate qualification for university entrance:

First degree: Bachelor, master, diploma,etc. (University, University of Applied Science, Cooperative State University).

The first degree should be in:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Mechatronics
  • Business engineering or a related subject

Basic knowledge of one of the following fields is required:

  • Methods for designing and dimensioning machine systems
  • Manufacturing engineering
  • Materials science or engineering mechanics In exceptional cases, other degrees may be accepted (e.g., professional experience).

Professional Experience: Depending on the first degree's level (210 or 180 ECTS points), work or 1 or 2 years of practical experience in the program subject area is required. Three years of work experience are recommended. References are needed as evidence.

TOEFL Test: Evidence of an adequate knowledge of the English language is required, normally in the form of a TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language).

Interview: The last step of admission is the successful completion of the interview with the program director.

Program taught in:
HECTOR School of Engineering and Management
Last updated November 11, 2018
This course is
Start Date
Sept. 30, 2019
18 months
30,000 EUR
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Start Date
Sept. 30, 2019
End Date
June 30, 2021
Application deadline

Sept. 30, 2019

Application deadline
End Date
June 30, 2021

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