Master in Management of Innovation Processes


Program Description

Master in Economics and Business Administration - Management of Innovation Processes (MSc)

This program is offered in English

The focus area of the profile is Management of Innovation Processes. Students on this profile will have greater knowledge within the main subjects in the contemporary management of technological innovation and business development.

The profile Management of Innovation Processes consists of six constituent courses: Foundations of Strategy, Foundations of Organization, and Management of Technology, Business Strategy, Organization of Innovation, and Theories and Methods of Technological Change. These courses combine three distinct tracks: The first relates to formulating and implementing a strategy, the second to analyzing and designing innovative organizations, and the third to the management of technology. Each track has a clear progression that develops students’ knowledge about theories and how to apply these to practical business issues.

Innovation is the key driver of long-term growth – and to development of sustained competitive advantages.

Furthermore, the student will gain knowledge about and skills in using methods and tools which can support business development, consulting, and management of innovation processes. Finally, the student will gain competencies in charging business level and corporate level projects that involve development, introduction, and implementation of new technologies and methods. As a main skill, the student will be able to connect the technological aspects of the business with the commercial aspects.


The teaching methods on the program vary and will consist of both lectures and teaching in smaller groups. Many students form study groups, either for the entire two-year program or maybe just for a single course.


The exams will be both oral and written exams according to the individual courses. An internship is often finished with some sort of report and the Master’s thesis is a major written project that finishes up the entire degree.

In all sorts of reports and exams, it is important that you are able to argue and refer correctly to the source material. Otherwise, you may be accused of plagiarism.


The University of Southern Denmark Campus Odense is a modern university with great facilities both for lectures and leisure.

In 2012 a brand new student bar opened at the university and in the summertime, there are many outdoor facilities where you can socialize with your fellow students.

Career opportunities

The MSc program in Management and Innovation Processes at Campus Odense gives you an excellent versatile foundation for future career opportunities. The courses offer a unique combination of theory and practice to ensure a solid theoretical basis and tools readily employable in your first job.

The competencies obtained during the studies in Odense can be used in curriculum development, ranging from becoming an individual business entrepreneur, working as a specialist in large multinational companies or as a consultant internationally.

Whether you want a career as self-employed or as a manager in public or private companies this degree will boost your future career. You can, for example, work in discovery and research of new ideas to planning, management, and realization of business concepts in Danish and international companies.

Last updated Feb 2018

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