Master in Management of Creative Industries


Program Description


The creative economy is one of the most rapidly growing sectors of the world economy. It generates 3% of the world GDP and employs more than 29 million people. The sector needs highly qualified professionals with transversal capabilities and in-depth knowledge about design, business and innovation methods and culture.

This program integrates design and innovation principles with a dynamic learning-by-doing experience in which students will be able to improve their business management, leadership, and innovation capabilities. This course is based on cutting-edge methodologies.

The student will combine a year of international experience with the flexibility of the blended modality, learning-by-doing in real challenges and interacting with high-level professional teachers in Fashion Design, New Media, Interior Design, Product Design, Video Games and Graphic Design.

Project and team-based learning

As different as the traditional business world case-study based program, we foster the creation of a culture of applied projects, adopting a dynamic and highly interactive format with emphasis on professional visits to creative industries and innovating organizations and firms, getting continuous feedback from renowned creators and managers. We will use an action-based learning methodology. The focus will be on the development of your innovative project, whether it is for a new start-up or for an established company. You will have to work and collaborate with a team and to interconnect your team with the local innovation ecosystem in order to improve the end results of your project.

Travel learning experience

Participants will explore a number of themes ranging from managing creative practices, analyzing behaviors, creativity models and cities. Generally speaking, sessions will cover key concepts and practices together with visits and creative workshops. Industry and institutional involvement include other organizations, projects, and creative environments.

Technical information

  • Certification: Master's Degree in Management of Creative Industries
  • Credits: 50 ECTS
  • Duration: 1 year
  • Start date: March 2020 to March 2021
  • Language: English
  • Course type: Blended
    • Online (synchronous and asynchronous)
    • Face to face stages (Barcelona/Silicon Valley)


  • Coordinator: Milena Verrié Biosca
  • Queralt Antú
  • Andreu Belsunces
  • Alessandro Bernardi
  • David Braun
  • Xavier Castillo
  • Ian Collingwood
  • Cristian Granados Sánchez
  • Juliana Méndez
  • Albert Rof

Face to face stages

Students will be facing challenges in real innovative cities and networks. They will have the opportunity to experience for themselves two different and complex design ecosystems, visiting companies, professional experts, organizations and government infrastructures.

  • Barcelona (Spain): 20th to 30th April 2020.
  • Silicon Valley (California): 15th to 19th February 2021.

Main goals

This master's degree aims to prepare the most well-rounded and qualified professionals, who will manage business and innovation in creative industries, training them to obtain a clear and holistic understanding of how to create value and change in creative industries.

Learners will acquire the ability to develop and realize new business ideas in a new or established company, being capable of creating, developing and delivering projects at different levels of complexity. The course will offer tools to learn how to build long-term collaborations with stakeholders based on a humanistic approach to design new services and business models and scale creative companies.

Who is it aimed at

This program is designed for managers, designers and entrepreneurs who want to know more about and progress into the creative industries and the global market, as well as creative managers and designers who want to improve their management and innovation capabilities and methodologies. The part-time structure and the blended modality of the master's degree is a good opportunity for professionals to combine work with a program that will strengthen their understanding of and skills in creative industries management in a learning-by-doing process.

The course is intended for designers and professionals with a startup business project idea, managers of creative industries who want to scale the business, management consultants with a real challenge, SMEs managers and entrepreneurs.

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About the School

Our objective is none other than to channel the capabilities, aspirations and talent of each one of our students so they can be trained as excellent professionals, students only need dedication, enthu ... Read More

Our objective is none other than to channel the capabilities, aspirations and talent of each one of our students so they can be trained as excellent professionals, students only need dedication, enthusiasm and effort in order to occupy key positions in design firms. Read less