Master in Management (MMM)

Structure and Contents

The Mannheim Master in Management (MMM) is a consecutive Master’s program, culminating in the academic degree Master of Science (M.Sc.). The MMM differs from other Master’s programs since it allows students to structure the course according to their interests. With various specializations and the opportunity to study a diverse set of subjects, the MMM offers flexibility with academic rigor.


The chairs of the Business School of the University of Mannheim cover a broad spectrum of managerial subjects. Students are able to shape their curriculum and schedule according to their preference and academic interests. Broadly, the specializations on offer at the University are in the areas of:

  • Accounting and Taxation
  • Banking, Finance and Insurance
  • Information Systems
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Operations Management


While students can choose the course curriculum and specialization, all students are required to complete core courses before they can be awarded the degree. The Core Courses are five compulsory subjects (Business Economics I + II, Decision, Applied Econometrics or Empirical Methods and Corporate Social Responsibility) that help create a strong knowledge base that students can build on. Students can choose to take the courses at any time during their studies.

Students are also required to complete a Master’s Thesis, in their chosen area of specialization. The Master’s degree is awarded to students on the completion of 120 ECTS in the following fields:

You can find general information, university policies on examinations and the Master thesis in the examination regulations and the module catalog.


Students also have the option of selecting courses (electives) in neighboring disciplines. The University of Mannheim is also home to other prominent Schools, affiliated with the Business School. There are therefore, a wide range of elective courses students can choose from (e.g. Business Education, Theology, Law etc.). Credits earned in the electives are counted towards the 120 ECTS required for the degree.


The MMM is for students who seek an international outlook. The University offers students the option of spending a semester abroad in an exchange program at one of its partner universities. The Business School has an established network of over 200 of the best Universities across the world (university co-operations).

Students also have the chance to be part of the Double Degree Program, on the completion of which students are awarded two degrees in the same period of study, the MMM from the University of Mannheim and the other degree from one of our seven partner universities. Students interested in the double degree are required to apply for it in the first semester. It is a competitive program since only a limited number of places are open each year.

Research Focus

The Business School also has a strong orientation towards research. Students enrolled in the MMM can pursue a Ph. D. through the Center for Doctoral Studies in Business (CDSB), which offers excellent prerequisites for a future career in academia.

The Master Business Research Program, which can be taken from the second semester onwards, is aimed at outstanding students, who wish to pursue an academic career and would like to complete their doctorate in a shorter period of time (application is possible annually on April 15).


The Business School also has strong links with some of the most prestigious organizations and corporations. Each year, the University hosts a career fair where students can interact with representatives of companies and also interview for open positions. The Career Service at the University advises students in these matters.

Students also have the opportunity to pursue internships during semester breaks and also take up to two semesters off while still enrolled, to gain practical experience (however students cannot take part in examinations in holiday semesters).


The University also strongly believes that future managers and leaders are spawned only through all-round development. Students are encouraged to participate in the various workshops and guest lectures conducted by top management of our corporate partners.

The University campus is always bustling with activity. The various initiatives and clubs (sports, music, theatre, and several more) offer several interesting activities though which students can hone their skills and pursue their interests away from academics.

Quick Facts - Mannheim Master in Management (MMM)


Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Program Length

24 months (full-time)

Program Start

Annually in Fall

Application Period

March 15 - May 31

Language of Instruction: Options

  • Mixed German and English track (proof of German skills required; you can select all classes offered in English as well as in German) or:
  • 100% English track (no German skills required; designed for non-German speakers)

Admission Requirements

  • Undergraduate degree with at least 36 ECTS in Business Administration
  • GMAT (min. 600 points)

Tuition Fees

  • Only administration costs
  • As of fall 2017: 1500€/semester for non EU/EEA applicants
  • As of fall 2017: 650€/semester for a second German Master's degree

Beneficial Selection Criteria

  • High GMAT score
  • Good grade of undergraduate degree
  • Semester spent abroad
  • Practical experience

International Perspective

200 partner universities; Double degree options with

  1. Copenhagen Business School (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  2. ESSEC Business School (Paris, France)
  3. National Chengchi University (Taipei, Taiwan)
  4. NHH (Bergen, Norway)
  5. Queen's University (Kingston, Canada)
  6. Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi (Milan, Italy)
  7. University of South Carolina (Columbia, SC, USA)

Areas of Research and Teaching

  • Accounting and Taxation
  • Banking, Finance and Insurance
  • Economic and Business Education
  • Information Systems
  • Management
  • Marketing& Sales
  • Operations Management



Selected Rankings

Wirtschaftswoche: annually ranked among top positions

Financial Times:

*#14 worldwide *#2 Marketing *#6 Economics *#3 Finance

Student Representatives

Student Association "Fachschaft BWL".

Information Event

Annual online information fair in spring.

A program tailored to your needs: The Mannheim Master in Management

Application Procedure

The MMM is a selective program with a restricted number of places. Moreover, the MMM only has one intake each year, in the fall semester. To apply for a place in the program you are required to fill out the application form available via the online application portal of the University of Mannheim.

Once the online application form is filled out, you receive a checklist of all the required documents that must be submitted in hard copy. Below is an overview of the required documents (please refer to your personal checklist for a comprehensive list)

  • Signed print out of the application form
  • CV (in table form)
  • Copy of your university entrance certificate (Allgemeine Hochschulzugangs-berechtigung, high school diploma, secondary school leaving certificate); if not in English or German a notarized translation is also necessary
  • Bachelor degree transcripts stamped and signed by your university; international applicants must also provide proof of the grading system if it differs from the German one
  • If available, copy of your bachelor degree certificate including grades notarized (if not in English or German a notarized translation is also necessary)
  • If applicable: Proof of semester spent abroad (transcript of foreign university or Bachelor certificate)
  • Simple copies for extracurricular activities, internships, work experience, volunteer involvement etc.

The application period begins on the 15th of March and ends on the 31st of May. The complete set of documents must be received by the University Admission Office (address below) as the deadline mentioned.

Admission Office

Universität Mannheim
Postfach 103462
68131 Mannheim

Admission Requirements

In the following section you can find a summary of the most important information concerning admission and application. Please note: The current terms of references for the Mannheim Master in Management are binding.

1.An application in due form and time (31st of May at the latest; online application, application form and all other documents).

2.A Bachelor's degree in business administration or an equivalent in a business-related study. The program must be comprised of at least 180 ECTS or a standard duration of at least six semesters or three years. Furthermore, you must prove 36 ECTS in business studies. Please note: The lectures that will be considered are undergraduate courses from your Bachelor degree (e.g., marketing, management, human resources management, operations management, corporate finance, management, financial accounting, production, and logistics). Seminars and lectures from related areas such as economics, business law, mathematics of finance, business informatics, or statistics cannot be considered.

If the Bachelor's degree has not been completed due to pending assignments by the 31st of May and it is expected that the degree will be completed by the time the semester starts, admission can still be requested. However, you have to provide proof that at least 140 ECTS points have been completed by the deadline. In this case, conditional admission is granted with the condition that the Bachelor's degree must be obtained by the time of exam registration - mid October - at the latest. Should you not comply with this rule, the conditional admission will expire and you will be automatically ex-matriculated.

3.GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) certificate with a minimum score of 600 points. The "Official Score Report/ School Copy” has to be submitted from the testcenter. When you take GMAT please select "Mannheim Master in Management" and the "University of Mannheim" in the drop down field (Program Code: VLC-95-04). Additionally GMAT provides -among others- the proof of your English language skills, an other English proficiency test is not necessary. The University of Mannheim only accepts the GMAT score for application to the MMM (GRE and other common aptitude tests are not accepted).

4.In case of an application for the German-English track: Proof of German proficiency. Without proof of German proficiency an application for the mixed track is not possible. Furthermore the original document or a notarized copy of the German proficiency test has to be submitted. General information about the proof of German language skills can be found here. Please note: The German-English track does allow you to complete the entire Master's program in English.

In case of an application for the 100% English Track a proof of German proficiency is not necessary.

Before applying for the Mannheim Master in Management you have to select the study track (German/English or 100% English). It's not possible to apply for both tracks, and you cannot switch once you have been admitted to the program.

Please also pay special attention to the application information and the notes regarding your application documents provided by the Admissions Office of the University of Mannheim.

Selection Process

Admission to the Mannheim Master in Management is restricted. Only applicants meeting all requirements are eligible for admission. The available places in the Mannheim Master in Management are divided into two tracks. The available places are distributed as follows: Up to one fifth for the English track, all remaining places for the German/English track.

Based on the ranking list you can reach up to 150 based on the following selection criteria:

1.Up to 60 points can be awarded for the final Bachelor's grade. If the Bachelor's program has not been completed by the application deadline, the average grade of all courses completed by the application deadline will be used for the selection process. This average grade has to be calculated by the home institution at which the Bachelor's program will be completed.

2.Up to 60 points can be awarded for the result of the GMAT. However, the required minimum of 600 points has to be reached. Applications with a score of less than 600 points cannot be considered.

3.Up to 30 points can be awarded for commercial practice or comparable relevant professional occupation (vocational training, professional experience and internships), a study abroad semester as well as other exceptional achievements or qualifications emphasizing an aptitude for the Mannheim Master in Management. In the evaluation, points are weighted for allocation.

    • For commercial practice or a comparable relevant professional occupation (vocational training, professional experience, mandatory internships and internships), a maximum of 6 points can be awarded. A completed vocational training scores 4 points. For professional experience and internships (full time, at least 4 weeks à 39.5 hours), individual activities are awarded 2 points each.
    • 22 points are awarded for a study abroad semester.
    • A maximum of 2 points can be awarded for volunteer work or exceptional qualifications (e.g., workshops, positions in student initiatives). The Selection Committee examines each case carefully and decides whether the 2 points can be awarded or not.

Notifications of admission and further places

Approximately four to six weeks after the application deadline (the 31st of May), notifications of admission will be sent out. Along with the notification letter, you will receive all documents needed for enrollment as well as additional information material. You can also check the status of your application in the online application portal with your login ID.

Every year, the regular admission process is usually followed by a succession procedure during which you might also gain admission to the Mannheim Master in Management.

If there are open places even after the succession procedure, there will be a lottery. If you would like to participate in the lottery procedure, you have to make an application for it ('Losantrag' in German). Further information regarding this procedure can be found here. The deadline for the submission of the lottery applications for the Master's program is usually August 15.

Double Degree Programs in the Mannheim Master in Management

Students enrolled in the first semester of the Mannheim Master in Management (MMM) have the option to apply for a double degree program.

The double degree program is an extraordinary opportunity to obtain two degrees in four semesters: the 'Master in Management, M.Sc.' awarded by the University of Mannheim and a second internationally recognized degree awarded by the respective partner university. Participating students are exempt from tuition at the host institution. Thus, the double degree program costs around the same amount as a regular degree at Mannheim. Nevertheless, additional cost might be caused by travelling from one university to the other or by higher living expenses abroad.

Opting for the double degree program, students complete about half of their studies at the University of Mannheim and the other half at the partner university.

Apart from obtaining two internationally recognized academic degrees, successful participation in a double degree program offers other benefits as well. These include, for example:

  • Developing a unique personality: Experiencing two different university systems and cultures, students foster the development of their individual personality and sharpen their awareness of cultural subtleties.
  • Expanding subject-specific knowledge and skills: Students enrolled in a double degree program benefit from the strengths of both universities and thus broaden their subject-specific and methodological horizon factoring in the perspectives of the host country.
  • Improving chances on the job market: Graduates are incorporated into the alumni networks of both cooperation partners. This not only increases the chances on the national job market and the job market of the host university but also internationally for that matter.

The following web pages provide detailed information about the double degree programs within the MMM.

Testimonial of a Participant of the Double Degree Program with ESSEC Business School (Frankreich)

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