Master in Luxury Marketing


Program Description

Master in Luxury Marketing


Program Objectives

Become an expert of the luxury industry

The Master in Luxury Marketing consists of 3 large modules import which complement each other and combine to better show the current contours of the issues and challenges involved in the Luxury sector.

Each of these 3 wide-ranging themes – marketing, digital media and style – are transversal and transfuse, to different degrees, the whole of the programme.

This teaching program is supplemented by trips to discover life in large firms in the luxury sector and those involved in it.

Job Opportunities

Working in the luxury goods field is not limited to creating perfume, jewellery or clothing. One still needs to know how to develop a brand image, manage scarcity in the market to maintain a share of the dream that a luxury vehicle produces. This becomes even more true and necessary in the age of digital strategies. Here are some leading careers that allow one to achieve this objective:

Marketing Manager

The Marketing Manager defines the business strategy of a company. His job is to analyse the market, competitors, offerings, positioning, existing and potential customers. He conducts studies, regularly creates new products and services for a highly demanding clientele by putting in place joint marketing approaches for both communication and business.

Product Manager for Operations

The Product Manager acts in his professional capacity as an intermediary between design, production, quality control and the company’s sales department. The Product Manager’s job is to monitor the establishment and development of a new product, from conception to marketing, while at the same time determining marketing strategy for launching a product as well as the development and monitoring of the advertising process.

Brand Manager

The mission of the Brand Manager is to steer the company brand and build its image, codes and values. His duties: the strategic development of the brand (range, packaging, communication, distribution), sustaining its financial viability, ensuring that different products clearly reflect its values and brand identity, but also following the life cycle of an offer in order to change or facilitate the launching of innovations.

Visual Merchandiser

His primary role is to manage the staging of the product, determine its showcase visibility and the interest that customers have in it. He makes changes following the directions of the advertising strategy to be adopted by the brand.

Sales Manager for Fashion and Luxury Goods

His mission is to manage the business unit by offering products, often prestigious ones – accessories, leather goods, jewellery, cosmetics, fashion – to a wealthy clientele, often international, with strong purchasing power. He manages and supports CRM for his shop and trains shop assistants in special sales techniques for high-end products.

PR Management

The PR Manager of a company is the primary contact for journalists and organisers of trade fairs. He represents the brand at special events organised by or for his company. He is responsible for the image of his brand and works closely with the marketing department and management.

Exhibition Manager

His duties are similar to those of an interior designer responsible for the design and assembly of booths at trade fairs and exhibitions organized by the brand or its distributors throughout the world. He ensures compliance with the codes and the brand image and works closely with marketing and the Visual Merchandiser.

Program Structure

This Master in Luxury Marketing lasts 15 months and combines the 1st year and the 2nd year of Master:

From October to February: Master 1 courses

Students follow the Master 1 program, in full time, from Monday to Thursday. Teaching, workshop and e-learning/webcast represent about 480 hours.

From March to July: Master 2 courses

Students follow the Master 2 program, in full time, from Monday to Thursday. Teaching, workshop and e-learning/webcast represent about 500 hours. This semester also includes 2 trips to Europe.

From August to December: internship and thesis

During this 5-month period, students complete an internship in luxury companies and/or do a personal work for their Master’s thesis. In November, they have to defend their thesis in front of a jury.

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Oct. 2017
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