Master in Logistics and Operations Management


Program Description

The University Master in Logistics and Operations Management taught by ENAE Business School gives you the knowledge and tools necessary for optimal project management and control of the production, logistics and purchasing departments.

With the contents of this Master the student will have the opportunity to know the main techniques and tools for a correct management of the flow of materials and their associated information, covering the areas of production, logistics, purchasing and project management.

An adequate management of the operations in the company has as a consequence mainly:
  • Greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Total control of the projects associated with these areas.
  • A reduction in especially productive, storage, transportation, financial, purchase price, etc. costs.

The increasing pressure on commercial margins forces companies to search tirelessly (and also with quick results) this cost reduction.

The Logistics Master will train in the knowledge and application of the following tools:

  • Lean manufacturing
  • Obtain a comprehensive view of logistics to manage the supply chain.
  • Search for purchases in international markets.
  • Optimization of spaces and resources in the warehouse and transport, etc.

The indispensable condition of a company ordered from the point of view of its operations is the correct planning of its materials, its manufactured products and, where appropriate, its projects to be carried out. For this reason, in the Master in Logistics and Operations Management this planning has a prominent presence (supply, production, etc.). Without this planning, the client will perceive continuous service failures, with the consequent loss of image and credibility on irreparable occasions.

Companies need managers in charge of production planning and supply, aimed at reducing costs, who have training and knowledge of internal organizational operations.

Who is the Master n Logistics for?

Aimed at both business professionals who need to update their knowledge and acquire new skills and production strategies through the master's degree in logistics, as well as recent university graduates who wish to specialize in this area.

The recommended income profile required for the master's degree in logistics and operations management in terms of preferred academic degrees is as follows:

  • Senior and Technical Engineers.
  • Graduates in Business Administration and Management.
  • Graduates in Economics
  • Graduates in Economics and Finance.
  • Graduates in Economics and International Business
  • Graduates in Marketing.
  • Graduates in Marketing and International Marketing

In addition to the preferred qualifications indicated above, professionals with sufficient qualification may be enrolled for access to master's studies, who at the beginning or after a recognized professional career, wish to incorporate the latest advances in studies on material flow management and their associated information, covering the areas of production, logistics, purchasing and project management.


  • Internal analysis capacity of the company to carry out the action plan in the direction of operations.
  • Planning, management and monitoring of projects.
  • Control and coordination of the internal logistics of the company.
  • Optimization of the response time of the organization in production processes.
  • Coordination of objectives between the different departments: purchasing, marketing, etc.


Internship program

Our work internship program offers you the possibility to boost your career and acquire new skills in various companies in the sector. With ENAE you can complete your training with the unique experience of working in a European company.


In ENAE we have developed an active methodology with which we alternate concepts, techniques and methods of analysis in the development of practical cases applicable to the real company. We encourage teamwork to obtain greater professional experiences of teachers and students.

Business plan

During your Master's Final Project, ENAE puts at your disposal qualified expert consultants that will help you interpret and apply your training to make your final project a success. In addition, if you have a project that you plan to implement, thanks to the knowledge, experience of the teachers, you can work your project with an approach focused on the current reality of the market, benefiting from a supervision and mentoring that will help you Avoid mistakes with the implementation of your idea while complying with the TFM (Master's Thesis).


  • Comprehensive supply chain management
  • Forecast and demand planning
  • Procurement and purchasing management
  • Production planning and maintenance management
  • Lean Management
  • Internal logistics warehouse management
  • Finance and cost control in operations
  • National and international transport management
  • Information systems for supply chains
  • Project and innovation management
  • Business management
  • Master's Degree in Logistics and Operations Management
  • Logistics practices in companies

Aid Geographic Mobility

ENAE facilitates the approach to its training programs to professionals residing in Spain in locations that, due to their remoteness or difficult connection, condition the possibility of carrying out a face-to-face program in our facilities.

For this, ENAE will finance the stay of Friday night in bed and breakfast, for those students who take a Master or course of more than 100 hours in their facilities and whose teaching takes place on Friday and Saturday. Students will have to prove to be residents in the established areas (*) accrediting it according to the means specified for the purpose.

(*) Established areas: all those localities that are at a distance greater than 80 km from Murcia capital.

Last updated Oct 2019

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