Master in Legal Advice for Companies Official Master's Degree in Access to Law in Seville


Program Description


The Master in Legal Advice of Companies of IE Cajasol in Seville offers a wide and complete tour of all legal situations faced by a company since its establishment, providing an integral vision of all its needs and problems. It is one of the star postgraduate programs of the Instituto de Estudios Cajasol of Seville, one of the most important Business schools in Spain, where it has been taught for more than 30 years, updating and growing more and more until it becomes a reference in the Andalusian legal field.

In a parallel and integrated way, you will be able to complete the University Master's degree in the practice of law online, following the requirements that Law 34/2006 of October 30 on access to the professions of attorney and attorney of the Courts and its Regulations Development requires law graduates to be able to enroll and practice the legal profession.

High demand: the best guarantee for the student

Together with its extensive background, the intensity with which it is conceived is another of its maximum guarantees of success. This high requirement that forces the student to focus all their efforts on the use of the program, is known by law firms and law firms, who see this exclusive dedication as a guarantee of the training received. In addition, the training is provided by professionals from the legal field, who are part of their prestigious Academic Board.

Trial simulations with a high degree of realism

Complementing the sessions with and resolution of cases, students periodically conduct group presentations and trial simulations (recreating all their elements in a real way) with which they enhance their communicative and expressive abilities, as well as adapting their speeches to specialized audiences

Outside the classroom: Visits to the legal reality

The teaching of the Master in Legal Advice is also carried out in other scenarios outside the classroom such as visits to the Court and the Commercial Registry, training sessions on legal documentation and complementary conferences aimed at professionals on current issues organized in the Instituto de Estudios Cajasol of Seville.


  • Original Speaker Group System

The methodology of the Program is largely based on the group resolution of case studies; In each lesson session, all students must participate contributing different points of view.

  • Case method: real cases of professional legal and business advice.

In addition to an inescapable and solid theoretical component, the Master in Legal Advice has a strong practical character. At the Instituto de Estudios Cajasol we believe that it is not only necessary to know and manage technical concepts fluently, but the most important thing is the application of these to real situations, through which the student becomes familiar with the dynamics that he will find in his professional life, develops analysis and argumentation skills, and autonomy to find solutions and business advice. Therefore, we take as a base methodology the use of the Case Method; that is, teaching through the resolution of real cases.

  • Importance of class work and participation

The face-to-face aspect is essential in the Master in Legal Advice; class attendance, communication and interaction skills and teamwork are required.

Student profile of the Master in Business Legal Advice

Aimed at young law graduates, with professional concerns and a proactive attitude that helps them achieve the objectives of the program. Among other required values, the ability to work in teams and assume responsibilities is also pursued, as well as a broad knowledge of legal reality.

How to pass the Master

Participation in the classes: During the course, the students must prepare the presentations that in assigned groups expose to the teacher and his classmates; Likewise, it is necessary for the student to get involved and actively participate in all sessions.

Making during the course individual case studies on program subjects from different areas.

Passing the individual written test that is carried out at the end of the Program and a final Oral Test before a Court made up of professors of the Course and other professionals of the world of law outside the Master (eg a State lawyer, Company attorneys, Board member from the Bar Association, etc ...).

Attendance: Given the face-to-face nature of the Course, it will be essential to obtain the Diploma, the student's attendance to all the programmed teaching sessions.

Passing all the evaluation tests: Students must pass all the evaluation tests that will be specifically considered by the Academic Directorate of the Master, which are indicated in this document, and extra-curricular activities that are proposed. They will be informed of their evolution during the course.

Academic Program of the Master in Business Legal Advice

The academic program of the Master in Legal Advice is one of the most complete in the market and can be broadly divided into the following areas:

  1. Area about the Commercial Entrepreneur
  2. Labor Law Area: Employers' Collaborators
  3. Commercial Traffic Area
  4. Bankruptcy Law Area
  5. Procedural Law Area
  6. Area of Global Analysis of Business Legal Problems

In all of them the student will study in depth numerous practical cases in the legal field and based on situations and needs that arise in today's business world.

Complementary Subjects

In the Instituto de Estudios Cajasol we give relevance to the global student training, so to the practical theoretical programs of the Postgraduate Masters we add subjects and experiences that complement their personal and professional development:

  • Redaction of documents
  • Visits to courts, Notary and Commercial Registry
  • Work Orientation Seminar
  • Management Skills
  • Legal Databases

Evaluation system

The postgraduate programs of Instituto de Estudios Cajasol require great dedication and effort. The requirement to the student and his high preparation at the end of the Master's Degree are the guarantees of our training before companies.

Internship in the Master in Business Legal Advice at IE Cajasol

The advantages of pursuing the Master in Business Legal Advice at the Instituto de Estudios Cajasol do not end after the completion of the course, they continue with the possibility of doing internships in our collaborating companies.

The Institute's Practices System guarantees the perfect adaptation between the student's expectations at the end of the Master's Degree and those of the company. Our postgraduate programs include complementary training in professional skills, managerial skills, job guidance, interview simulation, reproduction of real work situations and experiences of real companies. This global training of our students makes the Instituto de Estudios Cajasol quarry for the best offices, consultancies, agencies and companies in all fields.

100% of the students who attend one of our Masters have the opportunity to practice in our more than 400 collaborating companies; Of these, more than 25% are hired by the host companies. And 4 out of 5 find work in just one year after internships.

An unbeatable opportunity to successfully start the professional career.

Last updated Mar 2020

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Durante sus 30 años de historia el Instituto de Estudios Cajasol ha sido reconocido como una de las mejores escuelas de negocios nacionales, especialmente dentro del ámbito andaluz con cuyas empresas ... Read More

Durante sus 30 años de historia el Instituto de Estudios Cajasol ha sido reconocido como una de las mejores escuelas de negocios nacionales, especialmente dentro del ámbito andaluz con cuyas empresas ha mantenido un contacto más estrecho. Read less