Master in Learning, Education and Technology

Learning, Education and Technology (LET) is a full-time two-year international Master’s Program (120 ECTS credits). Upon completing it, students are awarded a Master of Arts (Education) degree leading to doctoral studies. LET program prepares experts who can apply information and communication technology in various learning contexts. LET studies rely on three theoretical pillars: Self-regulated learning, collaborative learning, and technology-enhanced learning. Both theoretical content and practical solutions offered during the studies are based on latest knowledge and findings in the field of learning sciences. LET program aims to develop knowledge and competencies needed in modern education, namely skills for designing, conducting, assessing and analyzing versatile learning situations whether face-to-face or technologically enhanced. Moreover, many of the 21st-century skills that are required in today’s working life are highlighted and supported in LET studies.

Program Outline

Degree Structure and Curriculum

Learning, Education and Technology (LET) is a full-time two-year international Master’s Program (120 ECTS credits). After completing the program, students are awarded a Master of Arts (Education) degree, which enables them to continue their academic studies at the doctoral level. This degree does not constitute a formal teaching qualification. The studies consist of language, communication and orientation studies, major studies and minor studies, as well as multidisciplinary studies and other optional studies.

Objectives - LET graduates are able to

  • make use of the essential learning theories in the contexts of individual and collaborative learning, human resources, and life-long learning
  • pedagogically evaluate different technologies in interaction, learning, and content production
  • explain the process of self-regulated learning and develop their self-regulated and co-regulated learning skills
  • explicate practical and theoretical means for learning expertise, and can monitor and reflect their progress to be an expert
  • work collaboratively with different learning communities
  • design and implement technology-enhanced learning in local and global contexts
  • use research literature and research methods from the field of the learning sciences and educational technologies, as well as conduct scientific research combining learning and technology
  • recognize the role of educational technology in the structures of the higher education institution, the working life, and the society, and are able to take it into consideration in their own working life


Technology-enhanced individual and collaborative learning methods are used in the practical implementation of the LET program. The studies are implemented in collaboration with domestic and international research and teaching partners. In addition, collaboration with the working life is central to the implementation of the program. The studies will be completed in two academic years as both contact and online teaching. Teaching will be organized as full-time study.

Career Opportunities

LET graduates are equipped with a combination of strong theoretical knowledge of learning and collaboration, and diverse use of technology and social media that promote learning. Graduates of this program are competent to work in duties where knowledge of learning processes and use of technology are needed. They work for example as educators, researchers, educational consultants, human resources developers, project leaders, coordinators, experts in virtual learning, designers of technology-enhanced learning, and administrators in both private and public sectors. Students’ educational background, working experience, and own interest affect their career paths once they become LET graduates.

Please note that this degree does not constitute a formal teaching qualification.

Program taught in:
University of Oulu

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Last updated July 28, 2018
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