Japan-Global Development program (JGDP) is a newly established two-year master’s program to provide students the opportunity to learn universal development and growth logic in the fields of politics, economy and management, using Japan’s experiences in economic development and corporate growth as basic case materials. The JGDP was jointly developed by JICA and IUJ under the JICA-DSP.*

*JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) Development Studies Program (JICA-DSP)

”JICA-DSP” is a program that invites future leaders from partner countries to Japan to complete master’s or doctor’s degrees at Japanese graduate schools, where they learn about Japan’s experiences with its own modernization and development experience with Japanese development cooperation to other countries. JICA and universities in Japan jointly built and offer the JICA-DSP.

Students will not only study in their respective academic fields, but will also learn much from modern Japan’s experience of development, which differs significantly from the history of growth and development found in the West. Students can study the “Japanese experience” systematically, including even negative ones, so that they may use this knowledge to contribute to the development of their own countries.


JGDP courses offered by the GSIR (JGDP-IR) provide education on the international political and economic environment after Japan’s Meiji Restoration and the characteristics of postwar Japanese economic growth. In addition, the courses teach how Japan’s foreign policy, national security policy, foreign assistance policy, public finance and administration, and educational system affected Japan’s development.

JGDP Courses offered by GSIR

  • Japan in the World after the Meiji Restoration
  • International Political Economy Surrounding Japan
  • International Relations and Foreign Policy of Japan and Their Impact on Development
  • Japanese Foreign Assistance Policy and its Impact on Development
  • Postwar Japanese Economy and its International Expansion
  • Postwar Japanese Politics and its Impact on Development
  • Japanese National Security Policy and its Impact on Development
  • Japanese Public Finance and Administration and its Impact on Development
  • Japan’s Education System and its Impact on Development

The JGDP courses offered by the GSIM (JGDP-IM) provide education on the impacts of Japan’s industrial development and the innovation behind it after the Meiji Restoration, Japanese style management, corporate finance and financial systems, employment practices, manufacturing management, business leaders and how development of SMEs has affected Japanese economic development.

JGDP Courses in GSIM

  • Development of Japanese Industries and Innovation
  • Japanese Corporate Systems and Japanese Style Management and Their Impact on Development
  • Japanese Corporate Finance and Financial Systems and Their Impact on Development
  • Japanese Employment Practices and Human Capital Accumulation
  • Monozukuri (manufacturing) Management in Japan
  • Business Leaders in Japan and Their Impact on Development
  • Small to Medium-sized Firms in Japan and Their Impact on Development

All these JGDP courses emphasize a theoretical background and international comparisons.

Beside the JGDP courses listed above, students need to take courses in three basic discipline areas, “Political Science” and “Economics” in the GSIR, and “Management” in the GSIM. Students are required to obtain at least two credits from each area and obtain at least eight credits in total from the three basic discipline areas. In addition, students must take all the required courses designated by the school to which they belong.

Program taught in:
  • English

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Last updated December 7, 2018
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Start Date
Sep 2020
2 years
2,200,000 JPY
Tuition: 2,200,000 yen/year
Mar 25, 2020
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Sep 2020
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June 2022
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Mar 25, 2020

Sep 2020

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Mar 25, 2020
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June 2022