Master in International institutional law

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Master in International institutional law

Free International University of Moldova

Master in International institutional law

The Master program "International institutional law" addresses to wide socio-professional categories, namely people who are trained to apply and to interpret the international and EU law. The program is focused on two law branches - international public law and European Union law, being structured so that the skills gained in the first semester could be useful in the study process of the second semester.

The program is unique in its content not only in Moldova, but also in the region. In its development, there were taken into account the positioning of a future specialist in relation to the realities and challenges that not only the Republic of Moldova is facing but also the countries in the region. The structure of the Master program provides the opportunity to invite national and international experts, including those delegated by the International Bodies with whom are established partnership agreements, such as UNHCR or ICRC.

The I and II Semester of studies of the proposed master program are composed from a complex of fundamental and specialized compulsory disciplines. The II Semester includes an internship (10 ECTS). The study includes the elaboration of a master's thesis, a process planned for the III Semester. The Masters graduates have access to the doctoral cycle to specialty 552.08 - international public Law and European law.

The Master's program "International institutional law" has an innovative character, since it reflects the current trends in doctrine and practice of the international and European law, being a prompt argument in promoting the idea of European Integration of Moldova and it is focused on elucidating personal and professional skills in the field.

The purpose and mission of the study program

The Master program "International institutional law" aims to train professionals able to apply and explain the national legislation based on the provisions of international and EU law. The Program comes to create master skills in promoting the concept of the primacy of the international and EU law in relation to the national law. Referring to European Union law, its rule is dictated by the Republic of Moldova's aspirations of European integration and of the other countries in the region. For an effective awareness of this subject, the matter is studied not only theoretically, but also on the bases of the national practice of other many states. To achieve the proposed goals, it is studied within the practical lessons the jurisprudence of the international bodies such as the UN International Court of Justice, International Criminal Court, International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, the European Court of Human Rights, the European Court of Justice, etc. Equally, it is analyzed the practice of various international organizations - the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the International Committee of the Red Cross, the International Organization for Migration.

Conditions of admission

The Master program "International institutional law" implies both the consecutive access, if it addresses students who have a diploma of licentiate in law, and non - consecutive access, if it addresses to students that have a diploma of licentiate in other general areas of training. The consecutive access will be made on the basis of the diploma of licentiate in law, and non - consecutive access, on the basis of the diploma of licentiate in political science, history, international relations, psychology, economics, pedagogy, public administration and other specialties with human and real profile, whose holders have completed at least 30 ECTS listed in the licence degree plans of studies for the 38 field - law. Herby, the authors propose for the candidates to the master program coming from other fields of professional training, a module of a master program of 30 ECTS, that these candidates will accumulate during a half extra semester, after which they will be able to access to the basic content of the master's program.

Occupational profile of the graduate

The graduate of the concerned program will be active in various areas of jurisprudence, including those from Moldova and other countries; public and private institutions; international governmental and non-governmental organizations; or civil society. The gained competencies will enable graduates to work successfully within various bodies with objectives as the monitoring process and enforcement of the rights and fundamental freedoms, at national and international level. Equally, master's program graduates will be trained in subdivisions which are providing the legal work of national and international bodies.

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