Master in International Tourism

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Master in International Tourism

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Master in International Tourism

The Master degree programme is envisaged to upgrade both the theoretical knowledges and the practical skills which provide opportunies for setting and organizing of one's own tourism business and/or of working successfully on high-level management positins in the field of tourism. Therefore, the curriculum comprises courses which define and master the basics of knowledge in the organization and technology of international tourism, in the finances of international tourism, the deifferent aspects of  planning transport,  modelling tourist trips and  the necessary marketing researches in this regard. Specific attention is also paid to some specific issues in the organization and management of international tourism such as sustainable development, project management, e-trade and some particular activities such as management of  health tourism, catering events, cultural tourism, spa and wellness tourism, international tourism cooperation and social psychology and tourist behaviour.

Requirements to the training received by the future specialists who have graduated the master degree programme (Qualifications achieved by the graduates):

The persons who are to complete the educational and qualification degree of "master" in "International Tourism" shall be able to possess and exercise concrete skills in field of:

  • strategic management of international tourism, tourism destinations and tourism flows;
  • assessing and forcasting the market trends in international tourism;
  • organization and technology of international tourism;
  • operative managment of sub-sector tourism industries (cultural tourism, health tourism, spa and wellness tourism,  event tourism, gaming tourism and etc.)
  • financial instruments in tinternational  torusim
  • tourism enterpreneurship and marketing and advertising activities.

The specialist who has received a master degree in this program shall be able:

  • to be aware with the technology of strategy defining, startegy building and strategy implementaion in toruism industries;
  • to plan, organize and perform market reserches and qualitative analysis for the needs of the tourism industries;
  • to manage tourism businesses in particular subsectors of international tourism;
  • to have a high degree of autonomy in making and taking managerial decisions in the field of tourism.

All these envisaged skill require the education and training received to be focused on the implementation of the theoretical knowledges in pratical, often simulated situations and in solving specific parctical cases.

The master degree programme in International tourism ends with a preparation of a master degree thesis , the topic of which complies with the indivudual interests of the students and shall correspond to their future professional and career  realization.

The Qualification charateristics of the "Tourism" major specified for the educational and qualification degree of "Master" with a professional qualification in "International Tourism" is a basic document which defines and presets the further designing of the curriculum and study course programs. The qualifiacation characteristcs is in compliance with the Higher Education Act of the Rpublic of Bulgaria, with the Regulations for the state requiremens for awarding educational and qualifiacation degrees of "Master", "Bachelor" and "Professional Bachelor" and with the internal regulations of the South-West University "Neofit Rilski".

After graduating and being awarded with educational and qualification degree of "Master" in the professsional qualifaction "Inetrantional tourism" the graduate can work in national and local tourism authorities, international tourism organizations and associations, travel agencies, tour operating companies, as well as in the all other tourism businesses in the different sub-sectos of tourism industry.

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Start date
Oct. 2017
1 - 2 years
Full time
Start date Oct. 2017
Bulgaria Blagoevgrad
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Duration 1 - 2 years
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