The Master of Arts International Relations program serves as an information repository for international relations events and their implications in today’s world. Integrating the disciplines of political science, history, anthropology, international law, sociology, and geography, the Master of Arts in International Relations provides students with the interdisciplinary education necessary for better understanding the complicated nature of global issues and events.

St. Mary’s offers two graduate program options: on-campus and online.

The on-campus program offers a Master of Arts degree in International Relations concentration options in Security Policy, International Development Studies, and International Conflict Resolution. The online program offers a Master of Arts degree in International Relations with a concentration in Security Policy.

Both programs require 36 credit hours of coursework during which students gain a breadth of knowledge concerning the behavior of states and non-state actors in the international arena, as well as a depth of knowledge in their focus areas. The degree is designed to permit students to integrate internships and/or study abroad opportunities into the curriculum.


The St. Mary’s Graduate International Relations Department is committed to cultivating informed and responsible leaders in the global community.

Utilizing an interdisciplinary approach to analyzing global security and human development, the Master of Arts in International Relations provides students with a comprehensive framework for studying and engaging international issues and the global common good.

Areas of Concentration

The campus program offers three concentration options: Security Policy, International Development, and International Conflict Resolution.

Security Policy

Security Policy is an interdisciplinary examination and analysis of national and international security issues.

Course content integrates perspectives from the areas of economics, history, and political science.

Issues range from nuclear proliferation and conventional arms trade to narcotrafficking, trade imbalances, environmental conflict, and race/ethnic/gender/religious issues. This concentration is also offered online.

International Development

International Development Studies examines the interrelatedness of economics, business, politics and socio-cultural realities in the promotion of human welfare in the global arena.

An emphasis is placed on analyzing and understanding the root causes of poverty and underdevelopment and considering various strategies and efforts to promote sustainable, just development.

International Conflict Transformation

International Conflict Transformation is an interdisciplinary examination and analysis of the root causes of political, cultural and economic conflict.

An emphasis is placed on policies and programs designed to prevent and resolve violent conflict.

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