Master in International Relations and Diplomacy

International Relations –is an integral part of the science which learns different aspects of diplomacy history, international law, world economy and military strategy. The environment influences the dynamics of international relations- both social and non-social environment. Non-social environment means everything that existed before the creation of human society.

International Relations - a branch of political science, in which the states learn about each other and their relations with international intergovernmental organizations (BHT), multinational corporations (TMK) and other civil actors.

For the first time, the term "International Relations" included in scientific circulation by the English philosopher Jerami Bentam in the XVIII-XIX centuries.

For the first time in the modern sense, the concept of diplomacy was used by French diplomatist François Kalyerin in his book «Methods of negotiations with rulers» printed in 1716.

Diplomacy - taking account of specific conditions and nature of the issues of solved problems, is a means of deceiving the foreign policy of the state, consisting of the non- military practical measures, a set of methods and techniques.

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  • English (US)

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Last updated September 20, 2019
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Sep 2020
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