Master in International Relations - Global Studies


Program Description

Recent political and economic changes in Europe have increased the demand for specialists in the field of international relations. To meet these needs, the Institute of International Studies introduced a program focusing on International Relations. The Program is designed to equip students with significant knowledge in some of the contemporary international issues such as the international system, issues of globalization and regionalization, development economics, international human rights protection, commercial law, and international economics. Within seminars, students can focus on issues related to areas such as Diplomacy, European Integration, Global Problems, International Communication or International Economic Relations.

M.A. studies program offered by the Institute of International Studies contains ca. 1150 hours of courses equivalent to 120 ECTS points. Students are obliged to write an M.A. thesis under the supervision of an Institute member.

Learning outcomes and postgraduate profile

A postgraduate posses knowledge of the political science economy, communication, and security, which allows him/her to learn and understand the mechanisms of globalization and development in the contemporary world. The postgraduate is able to use the knowledge of the area of social sciences and humanities and scientific methods to explain specific problems. Interdisciplinary character of knowledge, skills and social competencies gained during the studies allows the postgraduate to start his/her professional career in international institutions and organizations of intergovernmental and non-governmental character, it the state and public administration, local authorities, international/transnational companies in the spheres marketing, business, trade, advertisement, public relations, new media etc. A postgraduate is also ready to continue his/her academic career in many fields of studies in the areas of social sciences, economy, and humanities.

Admission Requirements

  • Certified copies of your Bachelor Diploma,
  • Certified copies of your academic records,
  • Certified copies of your English proficiency (B2 level),
  • A digital passport photo,
  • A copy of the passport,
  • A medical certificate,
  • Confirmation of payment registration fee on University account.

Last updated October 2019

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