Master in International Markets


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Program Description

The objective of the master's degree is to respond to two types of training demands. On the one hand, it aims to train professionals who combine analytical skills and practical knowledge in the field of international markets, complementing their theoretical learning with practical strategies related to internationalization, innovation, financial markets and the technical analyses of other international issues.

On the other hand, those candidates who choose to specialize in research acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to enter a doctoral program in Economics, particularly in areas related to international economic relations and public policy with an emphasis on advanced quantitative techniques. This means going in-depth in the different phases of the process of scientific research, from advanced search to publish scientific papers.


The program has a professional profile. However, it is also possible to achieve a research specialization. Those students who want to get the research specialization have to choose 18 optional ECTS from this specialization and 9 ECTS from the other optional subjects.

External practices

Internships are optional and enable the student to gain 225 hours (equivalent to 9 ECTS credits) of working experience in a company or institution.

The Faculty has educational cooperation agreements with about 200 firms and organizations from all sectors of economic activity.

Career opportunities

Graduates in the University Master's degree in International Markets can work as:

  • Managers in international companies or companies that are planning to operate abroad
  • International market analysts in consulting companies
  • Heads of International Strategy Departments in companies and non-profit organizations
  • Professional employees of international organizations
  • Advisers in local or/and regional institutions facing global challenges
  • Professors or Researchers in research centers (Research Track)


The Master's Degree is designed for graduates in the fields of Economics, Business or Engineering.

Students who wish to undertake this Master's Degree should be motivated to acquire a deep knowledge of how international markets work. The Master's Degree is also aimed at those students who are curious about economic issues and want to pursue further research in Economics.

Specific documentation required

As well as the compulsory general documentation required for pre-enrolment on the program, you must also submit the following documents:

  • Letter of motivation for academic coordination. The letter should explain why you wish to pre-enroll for the master's degree so that the selection committee can compare your expectations with the objectives of the training program and assess your suitability to take the master's degree.
  • Proof of competence in Catalan or Spanish (only if you enroll in the internship subject and you come from non-Latin American countries). If this knowledge cannot be proven, please attach a signed Letter of commitment regarding competence in Spanish.
  • Accreditation of English level B2 or equivalent. If you cannot certify it, you will have to pass an English test.

Optionally you can also submit proof of any additional training (courses, seminars, and other training), proof of any work experience or proof of other merits presented in the CV.

Selection criteria

  • Evaluation of the student’s academic record in the university degree qualifying them for admission to the master's degree: up to 50 points.
  • Other university qualifications: up to 10 points.
  • Competence in English (greater than the required): up to 10 points.
  • Other training relevant to the content of the master's degree (courses, seminars or other training activities, for which proof must be provided): up to 10 points.
  • Work experience in the field of education of the master's degree: up to 10 points.
  • Other merits: up to 10 points.
Last updated May 2020

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We are a young and dynamic university serving the needs of society, with an international outlook and a close relationship with our immediate socioeconomic environment.

We are a young and dynamic university serving the needs of society, with an international outlook and a close relationship with our immediate socioeconomic environment. Read less
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