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Program Description

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The main objectives that this Master's program seeks to achieve can be summarized as follows: Appropriation and deepening of concepts, theories and methodology specific to the Department of International Management. At the same time, the master's program aims to deepen knowledge among students through DAAD, ERASMUS and ROTARY scholarships, but also to prepare them professionally for developing the necessary practical skills in German-speaking companies.

Content and structure

The Master's program provides students with exceptional career prospects for their future careers by responding to the increasing demand for young graduates with management skills in international companies. The curriculum is structured over 4 semesters and offers highly interesting duty and electives. Some of them are International Organizational Management, In-depth Company Bookkeeping, Quality Management Methods and Techniques, Marketing Strategies, Business Process Management, EU Economic Policies, etc. At Master's level a very important and 100% practice oriented subject is the Internship in a Multinational. The Master program also offers annual workshops in German.

Competences and skills

The main technical competences relate to the evaluation, learning and exploitation of research results in the economic activities of international organizations; the identification and execution of activities using innovative management methods and techniques; Decision-making in the company taking into account corporate values, financial strategies and personnel management, etc.

career prospects

The academic program of this Master's program is made possible in partnership with the University of Vienna, the University of Trier of Tu-Chemnitz, the University of Applied Sciences Nürtingen-Geislingen and the University of Bern. At the same time, students have the opportunity to purchase an ERASMUS Internship from MHP - a Porsche Company for three months (01.07 - 30.09). Possible occupations that our graduates practice are: Quality Management System Managers, Sales Managers, Project Managers, Investment Management Experts, Management Consultants, Consultants / Experts / Auditors / Experts / Economists in Management and Marketing.


1 semester (30 credits)

  • International organization management
  • international accounting
  • Techniques and Instruments of Quality Management
  • marketing strategies
  • Intercultural Business Communication (English / French / Italian / Spanish)

2 semesters (30 credits)

  • Change Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Strategic personnel management
  • Modern business language. Applied
  • Competencies (English / French / Italian / Spanish)
  • Whalfach 1
    • Introduction to social systems theories
    • Communication in public relations
    • International business environment
    • Theories and models of the management
    • financial management
    • Game theory with applications

3 semesters (30 credits)

  • Economy of international companies
  • Empirical research methods
  • Management of the logistics chain
  • Business communications. Competencies and Performance (English / French / Italian / Spanish)
  • Elective subject 2
    • Cultural ecology
    • Business Valuation
    • Decision Support Systems
    • Commercial techniques
    • Business ethics and social responsibility
    • project management

4 semesters (30 credits)

  • Economic policies in the EU
  • Quality Management in Industrial Projects
  • Decision making in business games
  • Internship (Business of International Companies)
  • Research and preparation of the master thesis
  • Preparation of the master thesis

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