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Scholarships available until September 30th, 2020

“We believe that everyone with the desire and qualifications to study at IUBH should have the opportunity to do so. Therefore, all applicants by September 30th, 2020 will receive a 2.500€ scholarship from IUBH University of Applied Sciences. The amount of scholarships is limited and only available for the first 100 accepted applicants. Apply today and receive the scholarship!”

Due to COVID-19, all lectures at IUBH University of Applied Sciences will occur in a virtual classroom until further notice. We aim to ensure that the current special circumstances will not result in students being disadvantaged in their course of study.

Your International Career Starts in Germany

In Master International Management you have the choice between many different Major and can set so your personal emphasis in the study.



  • International Marketing
  • Hospitality
  • Health Care Management
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Transport & Logistics
  • International Human Resource Management
  • IT Management
  • Big Data Management
  • Aviation


International Marketing

  • Bad Honnef: March/September
  • Berlin: April/October

Marketing managers assume a key position in national and international companies: They design the central marketing and brand strategy, are responsible for the identification and evaluation of target groups and their needs, play an essential role in product development and marketing and contribute significantly to a company’s success through the development and implementation of communication and marketing concepts.

Our Master’s degree program prepares you for a career in marketing, sales, and brand building with the perfect combination of specific marketing knowledge and general management know-how.

Career prospects

Since virtually every national and international company sells products or services, the career prospects in marketing are outstanding. Experts with sound marketing and sales skills are in demand almost everywhere. After graduation, for example, you can work as a Communication Manager, Brand Manager, Marketing Manager, etc.


  • Bad Honnef: March/September
  • Berlin: April/October

Hospitality management covers a very wide field with countless, often cross-industry opportunities. In addition to the classic hotel sector, it includes hospitality as well as adjacent industries, such as amusement parks, casinos or airlines, and service providers such as hospitality consulting or IT service providers.

Graduates are in demand in catering, conference and event management, tourism and leisure, entertainment and facility management as well as food service management. This Master’s degree program gives you an insight into one of the fastest-growing global industries. You will develop operational and strategic management skills with us, which you can use in the global hospitality sector.

Career prospects

The Hospitality Management MBA program prepares you for a range of responsibilities. After graduation, for example, you can work as a Guest Relations Manager, Project Manager, Marketing Manager, etc.

Health Care Management

  • Bad Honnef: March/September
  • Berlin: April/October

In the healthcare sector, you deal with the complex relationships between business management activities and the resulting ethical and social consequences. Our International Management Master’s degree program with a major in Health Care Management provides you with important industry know-how as well as relevant expertise in general management.

This puts you in a position to successfully fill leadership positions in healthcare enterprises, such as hospitals and care facilities, as well as consulting firms and medical technology and pharmaceutical manufacturing companies.

Career prospects

With an MA degree in Health Care Management, you acquire the specialist knowledge you will need as a successful leader in the healthcare industry. Your potential employers include healthcare and care insurance providers, medical facilities, pharmaceutical companies, and health tourism institutions. After graduation, for example, you can work as an Occupational Health Management Consultant, Hospital Account Manager, Healthcare Business Consultant, etc.

Finance & Accounting

  • Bad Honnef: March/September
  • Berlin: April/October

In the International Management Master’s degree program with a major in Finance & Accounting, you acquire extensive specialist knowledge and relevant general management know-how, so you can safely navigate international capital markets.

You develop skills for preparing and executing financial policy decisions, learn how to handle financing options in international capital markets and accounting in accordance with international standards, and you acquire in-depth investment-analysis and portfolio-management expertise, so you can optimize your company’s financial performance. The career opportunities are excellent - Recent surveys show a high demand for graduates with excellent English language skills, practical experience, and a relevant Master’s degree from an internationally recognized university.

Career prospects

A Master's degree in Finance & Accounting makes you a sought-after expert in an industry with a future. After graduation, for example, you can work as a Risk Manager, Financial Controller, Compliance Officer, etc.


Transport & Logistics

  • Bad Honnef: March/September

Our International Management Master’s degree program with a major in Transport & Logistics prepares you to analyze strategic and logistical problems using scientific methods in order to develop solutions and implement them in a company.

You also learn how to apply scientific methods in transport and logistics, and you learn about business and economic methods, concepts, and contents that you can apply in national and international companies in the industry.

Career prospects

The international orientation of your studies and the logistics and transport industry makes you a global player. After graduation, for example, you can work as a Logistics Consultant, Sourcing Manager, Process Manager, etc.

International Human Resource Management

  • Bad Honnef: March/September
  • Berlin: April/October

Whether you are an HR officer for a market-leading corporate group, a consultant in an international management consultancy, a talent acquisition specialist for an emerging technology developer or an HR generalist for a fashion label: HR management is increasingly becoming a key strategic factor for the success of international companies, even at the top management level.

To prepare you thoroughly for a successful career in this area, we provide you with important specialist knowledge in human resources as well as advanced expertise in corporate strategic and operational thinking. A wide range of responsibilities in an exciting environment awaits you after graduation.

Career prospects

HR personnel can do much more than look over applications, conduct interviews, and draft employment contracts. Because of a shortage of trained HR personnel, their skills are needed in all areas in the selection, assignment, and promotion of staff in line with corporate goals. After graduation, for example, you can work as a Human Resource Manager, Personnel Developer, Human Resource Officer, etc.

IT Management

  • Bad Honnef: March/September
  • Berlin: April/October

Companies need experts who can manage complex information technology processes and also understand the business environment. Our International Management Master’s degree program with a major in IT Management prepares you for a successful career with a combination of industry-relevant IT content and general management know-how.

As an IT manager, you ensure that your company’s data, information, and knowledge are put to optimum use in order to develop and achieve strategic goals. As the interface between business management and information technology, you are responsible for managing interdisciplinary projects with partner companies, corporations, and state organizations.

Career prospects

As an IT manager, you are among the most sought after professionals in the industry, the public sector, and government organizations. After graduation, for example, you can work as an IT Project Manager, Scrum Master, HR Specialist Tech Recruiting, etc.

Big Data Management

  • Bad Honnef: March/September
  • Berlin: October

Whether it’s in classical retail or online shopping, financial services, the aviation, travel, or tourism industry, or in telecommunications: Data is the key to the success of a business in almost any industry today. It’s not just about the amount of data collected but about preparing it analytically and using it profitably.

As a Big Data Manager, your goal is to generate maximum strategic value from data. You coordinate projects and work at the interface between head management, data engineering, and data analysis. You have familiarity with the principles of information management, understand artificial intelligence techniques, and have a grasp of new technologies and their benefits to the business environment.

And at the same time, you are aware of the needs of your business and can reconcile the use of data with corporate strategy. Last but not least, you use your know-how to critically scrutinize current trends in big data, to differentiate pure hype from feasible solutions, and to make appropriate recommendations to management.

Career prospects

Large companies and high-growth companies invest heavily in building data management systems and structures. There are many opportunities here for qualified specialists. After graduation, for example, you can work as a Big Data Scientist, Big Data Engineer, BI Consultant, etc.


  • Bad Honnef: March/September
  • Berlin: April/October

Getting customers and goods to their destination quickly and safely – that’s the key thing in aviation management. But the company’s market position and efficiency are also in your hands when you are in upper management.

That is why we provide not only important specialist knowledge but also relevant general management know-how in our International Management Master’s degree program with a major in Aviation Management. There are attractive top positions in interesting aviation professions for our graduates –, especially at the management level.

You will learn about the main drivers for airline profitability – network planning and revenue management –, acquire knowledge about environmental issues such as noise and emissions, deepen your knowledge of airline and airport financing, and also deal with issues such as human resources, financial accounting, and marketing.

Career prospects

As a future manager, you will take on responsibilities in the area of ​​air traffic and logistics. After graduation, for example, you can work as an Air Freight Procurement Manager, Corporate Strategy Developer, Process Management Consultant, etc.

Where you will be studying

You can pursue your Master’s degree at the two German campuses in Bad Honnef and Berlin.

Admissions Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree and transcript of records (3 years – 180 ECTS) I Minimum grade point average of 3.0 according to the German grading system in your Bachelor/Business degree
  • Academic IELTS 6.0/TOEFL IBT 80 points/ PTE 56 points/Cambridge Advanced or Proficiency
  • Admission Interview - conducted online or on-campus

Admission process

Have you chosen a degree program? Apply now! We will take you through the admission process step-by-step, and look forward to getting to know you better.

EU & EEA applicants

  1. Upload your application at
  2. Conduct Admission Interview
  3. Receive a letter of admission & tuition contract
  4. Send back signed tuition contract
  5. Start your studies at IUBH

Non-EU applicants

  1. Upload your application at
  2. Conduct the admission interview
  3. Receive the offer letter
  4. Make a deposit and open blocked account
  5. Receive the letter of admission & tuition contract
  6. Receive your visa and start your studies

Required documents

After you submit your online application, we will check if you fulfill the entry requirements and will contact you within two weeks. Please be sure to send with your application all of the documents listed below:

  • CV
  • Letter of Motivation
  • Passport Copy
  • Academic Diplomas and Transcript of Records
  • Proof of English Proficiency (IELTS/TOEFL/PTE/Cambridge A or P)
  • Proof of work experience (if any)

Hospitality Management | A brief explanation from IUBH Professor Legrand from IUBH on Vimeo.

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