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Master's degree in International Economic Relations offers a prestigious postgraduate study focused mainly on the international dimension of economic theory and economic relations, enabling the graduates of this specialization to orientate in economic affairs on an international scale and to find practical application not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad. In addition to advanced knowledge of economic theory, students focus on issues related to international aspects of economic development, trade, EU external economic relations, and project management at regional, European and international levels. Students can further broaden their knowledge through internships at foreign universities or gain work experience at home and abroad (e.g. in international organizations, European Union institutions, or representative offices of the Czech Republic abroad).

Graduate's employment

Master's degree in International Economic Relations offers high-quality education in the field of economics with a focus on its practical application in economic and corporate practice. Thanks to this, graduates can be employed in the public and private spheres, both in the national and especially in the international environment.

Selected typical job positions of the graduate of the specialization International Economic Relations:

  • Lead economist in the private sphere, local, national and international institutions.
  • Specialist on the competitiveness of companies, state entities, and international integration clusters.
  • Specialist and analyst in the field of foreign trade.
  • Specialist for the creation of territorial analyses for the development of municipalities and towns.
  • Project portfolio manager (specialist for creating subsidy strategies for the development of companies, municipalities, and towns).
  • Project Specialist in the field of preparation and implementation of international projects.
  • Expert in public administration and self-government institutions.
  • Expert in the institutions of the European Union and international organizations.


  • Preparation of highly qualified specialists who are knowledgeable in the theoretical approaches of contemporary economics and who are able to solve specific market environment situations in ongoing processes of economic integration and globalization.
  • Creating conditions to be used, in particular, in management positions in state and local government, at the local, regional and national level, but also in firms and consultancy agencies operating in the European space, are preparing and implementing specific business plans or development projects using economic instruments and measures in the international environment.
  • Provide a broad set of knowledge needed to perform professional positions in international organizations and bodies of the European Union.
  • Focus on and specialization of the study on the practical application of graduates in the challenging competitive environment of the global economy.

Graduate's knowledge

Graduates of the degree course International Economic Relations demonstrate, beyond the knowledge gained from the common basis of the Applied Economics study program, extensive knowledge and understanding of the subject and scope of a given study specialization corresponding to the current state of knowledge in the areas:

  • International monetary integration and international finance,
  • International trade and competitiveness,
  • International business,
  • International project management applied in real practice by private and public sector entities,
  • External relations of the European Union.

Graduate's skills

Graduates of the study specialization International Economic Relations, beyond the professional skills acquired in the common basis of the Applied Economics study program, can use the expertise to independently define and creatively address the theoretical or practical problems using advanced research methods in the form of:

  • Application of the principles of functioning and forms of international trade, the ability to face customs and non-tariff barriers of international trade,
  • Conducting financial and economic analyses of investment projects (CBA),
  • Preparation and implementation of development projects in an international environment,
  • Creating and managing a portfolio of national and international development projects.

Graduate's general competence

Graduates of the degree course International Economic Relations are able, in accordance with the general competencies gained in the common subjects of the Applied Economics study program:

  • To prepare and implement development projects co-financed from public sources at international level independently and responsibly;
  • To use their expertise, skills, and competencies in at least one foreign language;
  • To understand and convincingly communicate to experts and to the wider public their own professional opinions enhanced by the practical experience gained by completing the study specialization.
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