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Program Description

The Master in International Business is a program aimed at the management of international business, and focused on all aspects of business management. The program integrates the theme related to all areas of business activity in an effort to develop the most reliable policies and strategies that successfully achieve the objectives of a company in an international environment. The business world requires experienced professionals with advanced knowledge in various fields of effective management, while at the same time demanding personal skills such as flexibility, adaptability, reflection, resolution and creativity.

The master's degree in International Business is based on the four fundamental elements of a successful international commercial education: functional methods and techniques, personal development, the importance of making strategic information decisions and aspects related to creativity and innovation. All of them are crucial to establish roles in the multinational and multicultural firms of today, which participate in an environment of global environments in constant evolution.

No business professional can develop all their creative potential in isolation. As such, we use specialized group management skills and increase the productivity of work groups within a company. In this way, the Master in International Business combines academic excellence with a deep practical knowledge of business and commercial planning.

Today's entrepreneurs need to know and use a wide range of management techniques, including knowledge not only of the most up-to-date theoretical knowledge, but also of the real market and trends in the business world.

The student will have the option, at the end of the school period in Barcelona or Madrid, to complete a two-week residential stay at Pace University (New York).


Reasons for the Master in International Business

  1. International Talent Program
    If you aspire to an international professional development, you will have maximum visibility among the multinationals that collaborate with EAE through Employment Workshops and interviews with headhunters and international selection consultants.
  2. Residential Program in New York
    At the end of the school term, you can take a two-week stay on "Innovation and Value Creation" at the University of Pace (USA). This residential stay has an additional cost.
  3. EAE Emprende
    Through our business incubator, we train, finance and accompany your entrepreneurial projects. EAE Lab will provide you with the necessary resources and environment so that you can identify the competitive advantages and develop your business idea.
  4. International Business Plan
    Prepare an International Business Plan is a key element of the master. In its development, the participants must pose an idea, analyze the market and establish the actions to be carried out, as well as the strategies to be implemented, evaluating their economic and financial viability. The international component is required to the business plan.

  5. Business School This simulator will allow you to deepen the challenges a company faces, and will test your skills as you get into the shoes of an executive.
  6. Business Networking
    Meetings with professionals from large companies and other students, which will allow you to expand your network of contacts. In 2017 we organized meetings with executives of companies such as Microsoft, Red Bull, HP, CEPSA or Grupo Hero, among many others.
  7. Employability
    The Professional Careers service is focused on guiding and accompanying the student to achieve their professional objectives, as well as achieving a greater adjustment between their expectations and interests with the labor market.
  8. Soft Skills Program
    The objective of the Soft Skills program is for the participating professional to complete their training with the strategic mobilization of their personal skills. It consists of ten independent monthly workshops organized according to the Emotional Competencies Model.
  9. Major Minor
    EAE has launched for the first time in Spain the North American methodological system based on Major and Minor, which replaces the traditional method of electives choice.

106807_6.jpgRequirements and Admission

Double Degree

Those who successfully complete the program will obtain the title of Master in International Business from EAE Business School and the degree from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Barcelona Campus) or the Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid Campus). In order to obtain the qualifications granted by the universities, it is necessary to comply with the requirements requested by said institutions.

Admission process

The fundamental objective of our admission process is to ensure the suitability of the candidates, through their professional trajectory and academic curriculum. All participants should get the most out of this learning experience, through a context in which it is possible to develop a long-term relationship with classmates, teachers and alumni.

To start the admission process it is necessary to fill in the corresponding form, so that the profile of the candidate can be evaluated by our Academic Committee. If the resolution of the Admission issued by the Academic Committee to the Master in International Business is positive, the candidate may formalize his / her enrollment in this Master.


Professional outings

The Career Careers Service of EAE Business School is responsible for creating new job opportunities that guide and accompany the student, with an analysis of their profile, to achieve their professional goals and adjust their expectations and interests to the labor market.

The Careers Department also organizes events to promote employability such as the Online Employment Forum; the Bank of Opportunities with more than 6,000 job offers published per year; or the International Talent Program, aimed at students seeking international development and visibility in multinational companies, with workshops and interviews with headhunters from different parts of the world. EAE also participates in the employability programs of brands with great projection such as L'Oreal, Banco Sabadell, Leroy Merlin, Kyocera, Schneider Electric, IBM, among others, to which students have access.

Some data of our Employment Report 2017:

  • 93% of students find work before six months after the end of the program
  • 34% increased their salary up to 30% one year after completing the master
  • 67% of students have achieved a job opportunity through some of the available routes through EAE Business School
  • 74% accept a new profession offer after graduation
Last updated Mar 2020

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EAE is an international Institution of higher education in the field of management. With more than 50 years experience in business education it has provided training for more than 56,000 executives an ... Read More

EAE is an international Institution of higher education in the field of management. With more than 50 years experience in business education it has provided training for more than 56,000 executives and managers. Every year students from more than 45 nationalities gain professional qualification at EAE to hold positions of responsibility within the business world. Read less
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