Master in International Business


Program Description

Master in International Business

The International Business Program is a 2 year M.A. study program with a specialization in international management. It started in 2000 and is a program run in English. The courses are provided by staff of the University of Warsaw Faculty of Management and staff from universities with which we have links (in the USA: the University of North Florida, the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, American University, Washington DC, Villanova University, Le Moyne College, as well as many other European and American universities).

The aim of the program is to familiarise students with economic practice, customs, and the structure of economic and financial systems in other countries and continents. In this context, the participation of a large number of lecturers from American universities is very significant.

The program is for students of the faculty who know English well enough to participate readily in the classes and who have achieved very good average grades in their previous courses (in this academic year, an average of above 4.0 was required). Admission is yearly, and there are two elements in the admission procedure: a short essay written in English and then an interview. Foreign students who are at the University within the framework of an exchange scheme (for example, the SOCRATES program) may also take part in this course.Because the program is open to all students of the faculty, the same principles of fee-paying apply as on the course to which the student was originally admitted: that is, full-time students pay no fees, while evening students pay the same fees as they would for their original course in the Polish language. The dates of classes differ from the term dates for the rest of the University. Because foreign lecturers take part in the scheme, classes in International Business begin on 1st October and end on 30th June.

Like other students, the students in the International Business Program must obtain 60 ECTS points in order to win credit for the academic year, although the points need not be evenly spread over the two terms. Students on the program may also take part in courses taught in Polish and in classes in other languages taught at other universities with a link arrangement. It is planned to win international accreditation for this course.

Alumni Profile

The IBP Program graduates have to be prepared to function in an international environment. Therefore they acquired specific, advanced knowledge and skills. They should possess them in the following disciplines:

  • international finance (financial markets, international corporate finance, international banking),
  • international marketing and market research,
  • international law environment,
  • international business (business strategy),
  • international economics,
  • social skills and organizational ethnography.

Additionally, each alumnus should have an international experience - study or/and work abroad.

IBP graduates should have very good communication skills. They should communicate in at least three languages (original and two foreign).

Every condition mentioned above give them a possibility to work in an international environment.

They can work for:

  • multinational corporations,
  • the international division of local companies,
  • the international division of public administration (on both, state or municipal levels),
  • and many others.
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