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Program Description

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Why Master in International Business Management

With some help from the globalization process, small companies have spread their wings across the globe becoming powerful multinational corporations, today having thousands of people employed and millions in yearly revenues. Evidently, those companies were only able to do so by knowing current business laws and regulations of the international market.

Getting a grasp of understanding how businesses work in different world regions is essential when it comes to expanding one’s company operations. Master in International Business Management Program provides students with ins and outs of practices and technologies implemented in companies on a global scale.

Advance your professional career in International Business with a Master's degree earned in GBSB Global Business School. Take advantage of the workshops, corporate presentations on campus, career orientation sessions, career coaching, career development counseling sessions, and career services assistance that GBSB Global Business School provides to its students.

  • Study International Business in a Truly Global Business School: Students from more than 70 different countries.
  • GBSB Global Is the Only Business School Offering Regional Studies within One Degree: Doing Business in Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa, Russia & CIS Countries.
  • Obtain Additional Differential Qualifications with Microsoft Imagine Academy and ACCA: GBSB Global prepares students to meet market demand in highly skilled international business managers.
  • Opportunity to Visit Organizations Closed to the General Public.

Program Description

Globalization has transformed international business tremendously, and consequently, companies worldwide are seeking business professionals with high levels of intercultural competence and managerial skills. GBSB Global Business School is a leading higher education institution in Spain with a faculty diverse in culture and highly experienced in international business.

The Master of Science in International Business Management has been carefully designed to develop talented and curious students into future global professionals who can handle the challenges faced by multinational companies worldwide.

Master in International Business provides an in-depth examination of business issues ranging from the global economy to cross-cultural negotiations and leadership. Students will have the opportunity to learn how business is conducted within specific regions around the globe such as Asia, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Russia, and the Middle East and will graduate competent, marketable, and ready to succeed in launching or continuing their career in the diverse field of international business management in Spain, Europe, and the rest of the world.

Key Facts

  • Duration of the program – 9 months
  • Language of the program – English
  • Intakes – October, January, April / Yearly
  • Schedule – Full Time, Mornings & Afternoons
  • Location – Barcelona/Madrid, Spain

Study Plan

  1. Understand the global business environment
    (international macroeconomy, governmental and legal aspects of businesses)
  2. Learn the functional areas of business
    (marketing management, managerial accounting, statistics, etc.)
  3. Feel confident to do business globally
    (global strategy, project management, importing and exporting, global financial markets)
  4. Become a leader and enhance your soft skills
    (multicultural team management, cross-cultural negotiations)
  5. Tailor your Master Program
    (the geopolitics of the business world – Global Study Trip to world organizations and event management of a real conference)
  • Optional intensive free Spanish language course for beginners.

Study Tracks

Specialize in the world region of your interest.

  • Doing Business in Europe & CIS
  • The Economy of Asia and Chinese Business
  • Doing Business in Latin America and Brazil

Program Highlights

  • Company Visits & Field Trips
  • Faculty with Global Experience
  • Regional Studies & Foreign Language Studies
  • Practical Knowledge Applicable on a Global Scale
  • Exclusive Opportunity to Visit WTO, UN & UNESCO
  • Exclusive Access to International Business Industry Events
  • Career Opportunities at Top International Companies around the globe
  • International Student Body (Students from Over 70 Different Countries).

Program Objectives

  1. Teach how cultural, economic, and political frameworks affect global business practices and how they can be managed.
  2. Develop analytical and critical-thinking skills, teach to challenge assumptions, and to understand the value of intangible assets.
  3. Improve an understanding of the global problems faced by companies and the ability to integrate solutions into core business practices.
  4. Build the necessary skills to create global strategies in different business operations, marketing, finance, and more.
  5. Establish a global vision that incorporates every facet of business development and establishes cultural diversity as an advantage.
  6. Help gain advanced leadership skills to empower, inspire, and manage innovation and creative problem-solving.

Why GBSB Global?

  • Global Diversity | Students from 70+ countries and faculty from 20+ countries.
  • The only business school in Spain with international accreditation from ASIC.
  • The 1 st and only official Microsoft School in Spain, accredited by Microsoft as a leader in digital education, providing students with the most state-of-the-art learning experience from day one.
  • Official Microsoft Showcase School.
  • Recognized as a Leader on Global Education by Newsweek Magazine.
  • Ranked No. 1 in Europe in the Guide to Sustainability Schools.
  • Official Member of the European Council for Business Education (ECBE).
  • The only business school in Barcelona and Madrid with the status of ACCA Computer Based Examination Center.
  • Member of The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), USA.
  • Recorded as One of The Best Business Schools in Europe by MYBS (Mind Your Own Business School).
  • Repetitive winner of International Business Ethics Case Competition, USA.
  • Focus on Innovation | From teaching methods, course curriculum, and workshops to a fully digitalized educational environments we are all about innovation and challenging the status quo.
  • Employability & Career Development Opportunities | Practical knowledge and skills, career counseling, and individual coaching sessions.

Career Opportunities

Develop your career in the Global Industry with a Master's Degree in International Business Management.

Business Development Executive

Business development executives are responsible for increasing the growth, profitability, and efficiency of a company. Their roles involve finding new ways to expand their business, whether by producing new product lines, reaching new target groups or immersing in new markets.

International Trade Specialist

International trade specialists oversee all operations for international importing and exporting processes. They ensure that all federal and foreign regulations and trade laws are abided by, as well as handling the business relationships and international negotiations.

Foreign Policy Advisor

Foreign policy advisors are experts in international relations and governmental policies and advise companies on how to proceed with operations within the confines of these restrictions. These professionals are highly sought after and necessary for a properly functioning organization.

Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts forecast trends, evaluate the success of marketing strategies, and launch data collection methods in the market. They gather and analyze data and give direction for their organization in order to increase sales, obtain market share or expand to new markets. The entirety of a company’s efforts and functions depend on the feedback collected from market researchers.

Country Manager

Country managers act as official representatives of a company in a foreign country. They oversee all international operations in order to increase company revenue and returns. Country managers also assist with the international relocation of employees, global mobility, and removals. Professionals wishing to work as country managers must be highly adaptable to changing business environments and must be well versed in business development strategies.

Business Strategist

Business strategist provides expert advice on investments, managing risks, and making other financial decisions. These professionals manage the firm's progress and guide them in making decisions that will secure the company’s future financial welfare. The business strategists must be highly educated in analyzing data and economic trends, forecasting.

Student Testimonials

Francesco Niro, Italy

"I built a network of international friendships and I improved my knowledge of different cultures, which nowadays is fundamental in acting “globally” and preparing for an international career."

MSc in International Business Management, Class of 2017

Lisa Dapprich, Germany

"I gained insight into how others perceive the world and how business is done in many countries. It was incredible to be taught by teachers actually working in the same market – it gave me the opportunity to learn from their experiences and knowledge."

MSc in International Business Management, Class of 2015

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GBSB Global Business School is an internationally accredited business school in Spain and Malta that provides business education in English to students from around the world and prepares future gradua ... Read More

GBSB Global Business School is an internationally accredited business school in Spain and Malta that provides business education in English to students from around the world and prepares future graduates to launch a successful career globally. GBSB Global Business School supports high standards in business education validated by numerous international accreditation bodies. Read less
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