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Master in International Business Management

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The Master Program in International Export Management is designed and promoted by GEMA Business School and is a modular postgraduate program designed to train a new generation of Export managers and International marketing managers, able to drive companies and businesses to expand their market shares in international markets by:

  • increasing the number of countries where products/services are sold, especially in fast-growing markets;
  • increasing the number of product/service lines sold in international markets in tune with the structure of local demand;
  • adopting new distribution strategies to get “closer to the customer” in international markets (e.g. commercial branches, joint venture, local production).

It is designed preferably for graduates in Economics, Social sciences and scientific subjects of any country wishing to become an Export manager or International marketing manager. GEMA Faculty Members, Visiting Professors, and Guest Speakers from International business context will hold all the training activities (lectures, class exercises, online sessions, homework, research, assignments, project works, etc.) in the English language.

Italy is a country with scarce natural resources and therefore its living standard is highly dependent on its ability to sell high value manufactured products and services abroad.

With more than 400 billion euros of goods exported yearly, Italy is one of the largest manufacturing and exporting country in the world (more than 3% of total world exports). Nevertheless, its real exporting potential is waiting to be fully developed.

At present Italy has many exporters but they are often too small, operate in a restricted number of markets usually too close to home and export only a few lines of products.

Programme Structure

Introduction Path

  • Presentation of the Master. Role, functions, skills and attitude of the Export manager. Team building. (1 week)

Strategical Competencies

  • International marketing (3 weeks)

Operational Competencies

  • Techniques of International Trade (4 weeks)
  • Selling in international markets (2 weeks)
  • Geotrade modules (6 weeks)
  • Project management (1 week)
  • Team building and organizational leadership (1 week)
  • Company organization (1 week)
  • Export business plan (1 week)


  • Project work (4 weeks)
  • Internship (12 weeks)

Career Opportunities

Italy is one of the biggest exporters in the world, yet its real commercial potential abroad is still waiting to be tapped, as many small- and medium-sized Italian enterprises could attack overseas markets if they had professional figures well-versed in the entire process of the export supply chain.

The same may be said for companies in many other European countries or other geographical areas, each of them in their own landscape and in accordance with their own needs, may have an interest in augmenting their opportunities for international development. This is why the Master’s programme has modules for more in-depth study of the world’s most important geo-economic areas (Geotrade), providing more thorough knowledge of each country’s fundamental economic, legal, commercial, and social characteristics.

Based on the recommendations emerging daily from contact with the companies GEMA systematically works with for internships, the Master’s programme aims to respond to these precise needs, providing its students with targeted, specialist know-how and with tools and methods designed to increase their personal effectiveness for improved operative autonomy and consequent employability.

When the Master’s programme is completed, students will be able to offer their skills to all those companies that have plans for commercial expansion abroad and need professional figures able to manage these projects by proceeding by commercial objectives and critically assessing their job performance.

This school offers programs in:
  • English

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