Master in International Business Management (Semipresential & Online)

Masters College Barcelona

Program Description

Master in International Business Management (Semipresential & Online)

Masters College Barcelona

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¿Why take the Master in International Business Management?

Presentation Video It will give you an opportunity to apply for work positions that are on demand at the moment like international management, international marketing management, export management, international trade management, international area management, etc. You will develop your entrepreneur abilities (enterprising spirit) as you will have a better command of international business and new global e-business management. You will improve your communication and negotiation skills while sharing professional experiences in a multicultural environment. The master program offers an opportunity to obtain an internship in various companies and institutions. Admin

Program Presentation

The maximum challenge that companies face today is the internationalization of its activities, considering that the domestic economies are small compared to continued progress and growth that has occurred with the incursion of new technologies. For this challenge, it is necessary that managers have a current and specific training to understand the different areas of enterprise development such as leadership staff or management of marketing resources in an international context. Master’s main goal is to create a new generation of professionals and managers who have the most modern tools to implement strategies that give added value to all business processes in international environments.


  1. To provide our students with a high-level education of the best quality.
  2. To provide our students with sufficient strategic tools to elaborate and implement an international business strategy.
  3. To develop strategic abilities that are necessary to manage commercial and production subsidiaries in foreign markets.
  4. To enable our students to understand the operation of markets in different international environments.


A student enrolled in the Master program attends classroom classes in the Campus of Masters College Barcelona in Barcelona city. Every class has a theoretical part and a practical part. The method of case studies is applied to the learning process in order to develop the decision- making abilities of the student. The learning process is reinforced by broad knowledge and experience, both in academic and business spheres of the teaching staff. Through simulation games, students face business problem situations where teamwork is essential. Our students receive tutoring support within the whole learning process, from the beginning to the development of a thesis project.

Our students can profit from high technology tools that support their course of studies, such as the Moodle platform that allows them to access a virtual campus on which they can share their acquired knowledge and engage in further discussions to deepen their theoretical and practical understanding of the contents of the Master. Classroom classes are complemented with online modules through our own methodology of 4-learning. In some cases, our students can get access to additional sessions, recorded with the latest technological systems and stored in the Mediateca section. Masters College Barcelona introduces to its masters the case methodology developed by the prestigious Harvard University.

Students will work on real cases developed by the Harvard Business School. It is an innovative teaching method that will allow students to investigate solutions to real problems and develop their organizational and management capabilities.

Academic Program

MODULE 1 - 9 ECTS International Strategic Management & Business Innovation

  • Introduction to international strategy
  • Models of business internationalization
  • Sectoral strategic analysis
  • The management of multinational companies
  • Value creation and innovation management
  • Cross-Case Studies

MODULE 2 - 6 ECTS Managing Human Resources in International Environment

  • Personal leadership: strategic tools for effective management of human teams in different cultural environments
  • The management competency as a key factor of international competitiveness
  • Communication as a key success factor in managing changes in international markets
  • The management of international teams

MODULE 3 - 9 ECTS International Logistic Management and International Commerce

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Control of procurement and international procurement
  • Operational management models
  • Monitoring of international distribution networks
  • Management of imports and exports
  • International taxation, customs, duties, tariffs, contracts, and international law
  • Incoterms and foreign trade management
  • International Negotiation

MODULE 4 - 9 ECTS International Marketing

  • National Marketing Vs international marketing
  • Analysis of international environments
  • Consumer Behavior and market segmentation
  • Development of international competitive advantages
  • Pricing
  • International Communication Strategies
  • The functions and characteristics of international marketing plan and export plan. The objectives of international marketing. Development of international distribution channels
  • International Branding Management
  • The communication plan

MODULE 5 - 6 ECTS International Economy

  • Globalization and internationalization of the economy
  • Scenarios Global Economy
  • Emerging economies
  • International Cooperation Agreements and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

MODULE 6 - 6 ECTS International Finance

  • Business Finance
  • Economic Engineering for capital budgeting
  • Administration transnational capital flows in multinational and Exchange controls and currency management
  • International financial environment

MODULE 7 - 15 ECTS Master Final Thesis In the final thesis, the student is developing Project management international activities of a company. Among others, you can develop a study of a foreign market, plan the strategy of introducing a product in a new market, designing more targeted distribution channel to the destination country, analyze international competition, etc.

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Open Enrollment
Spain - Barcelona, Catalonia
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