Master in International Business Administration


Program Description

  • Faculty name: Faculty of Economics
  • Study domain: Economics and International Business
  • Name of the university program: International Business Administration

Short description of the university program:

The International Business Administration (acronym: IBA) research master program addresses the actual problems of companies and is suitable for those professional graduates interested in the issues in the areas of international business. The length of the study program is four semesters (2 years). Mission: the training of specialists able to administer international businesses of enterprises, able to meet both the expansion needs of multinational companies present in a country and the requirements of the national and multinational companies concerned with the growth of their business internationally, participate in bilateral, regional and multilateral trade negotiations at authorities level, specialists able to represent the country's interests in the regional and multilateral negotiations, possessing the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to gain competitive advantages on both internal and international markets within the organizations in which they work. Further information and the curriculum are available on-line here.

  • Type of studies: Full-time
  • The standard length of studies (in years): 2
  • Number of ECTS credits: 120

Academic calendar:

  • 1st of October - end of February - courses, exam session, the holiday for students and session for retakes - first semester.
  • End of February - mid of June – courses, exam session, the holiday for students, summer practice - second semester.
  • Mid of June – mid of September – session for retakes, Dissertation exams.

Admission requirements:

Candidates wishing to register for International Business Administration (in English) shall sit for an eliminatory language proficiency test, a multiple-choice test to check their proficiency in English. Candidates shall sit for the test for free only once. The language proficiency test outcome is marked PASS or FAIL, according to art. 5 of MO 3313/23.02.2012. Scores will be listed in a catalog containing the candidates' names, signed by the President of the faculty admission commission and endorsed by the President of the university admission commission. The faculty admission commission can validate the certificates of proficiency, level B2, presented by candidates who hold certificates issued by English learning and teaching institutions and approved by MEN and recently obtained (after 2010), in accordance with those specified in Annex 1 to the Methodology. Only candidates declared PASSED can register for admission to Master’s studies in English in the study program of International Business Administration (in English).

Admission requirements website links:;

Admission process:

The admission criteria are:

  • Multiple choice test to check the proficiency in English (eliminatory, marked with pass/fail)
  • 100% the mean of graduation exam, Bachelor degree
  • The candidate has to be a BA/BSC graduate holding a Bachelor's degree in any field of study.

Call for applications:

July session:

  • Registration and admission exam: mid of July – end of July.
  • Final results: the beginning of August.

September session:

  • Registration and admission exam: first week of September - mid of September.
  • Final results: end of September.

Application fee:

  • Registration fee: 150 RON (approximately 30 Euro)
  • Appeals fee: 150 RON (approximately 30 Euro)
  • Matriculation fee: 100 RON (approximately 25 Euro)
  • 150 Euro: processing file fee for recognition of studies for foreign candidates.

Tuition fees:

  • 3500 RON/year (our national currency): for Romanian and EU candidates;
  • 350 euro/month x 9 months = 3150 EUR/year: for non-EU candidates.

Fee for the preparatory language course (if necessary):

  • 250 EUR/month x 9 months = 2250 EUR/preparatory year: for non-EU candidates;
  • 2700 RON (our national currency)/preparatory year: for EU candidates.

No of available state subsidized places, Grants scholarships, and program administrative costs:

  • Based on their marks, study scholarships are available for foreign students.
Last updated Jan 2020

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