The first level Master, validated by E.A.B.H.E.S., is dedicated to graduate students in architecture and design who intend to deepen their own qualification up to the level of details and in interior architecture. At the end of the annual path, they are released 60 ECTS credits (European credits).

The course is referred to the Italian experience and more specifically to the Milanese one related to the local productive reality. Each project is organized with the collaboration of a client (agency, public administration private client) who feign a real professional condition with the presentation of a precise project program and a final verification of the workshop results. Besides executing the widening program, the specialized teaching contributes directly to the activity of the workshops developing parts of the project particularly referred to its own.

The preparation is therefore dedicated to a widening of the real condition of work through workshops strongly integrated within specialized techniques of teaching and through an internship at the end of the year fully included in the program of the academic year.

The Master in Interior Design is under Sponsorship of Milan Architect's Order.

Interior Design


  • Workshop 1: Hotel Design
  • Workshop 2: Exhibit Design
  • Workshop 3: Sustainable Housing
  • Workshop 4: Shop Design
  • TV Set Design
  • Product Design
  • Thematic Workshop
  • Dissertation


  • Technology of Materials
  • Lighting Techniques


  • Project Portfolio
  • Internship

First Level Master in Interior Design – A.A. 2017/2018

accredited by E.A.B.H.E.S. - European Accreditation Board of Higher Education Schools under the Sponsorship of Milan's Architects Order.

Provision of N.2 scholarships of tuition fee for Italian and foreigner graduated students:

  • Italian and EU students: N.1 scholarship of partial coverage equal to 50% for total amount of €5.825,00 of tuition fee of €11.650,00 (E.A.B.H.E.S. accreditation and tax exam excluded)
  • NON-EU students: N.1 scholarship of partial coverage equal to 50% for total amount of €6.225,00 of tuition fee of €12.450,00 (E.A.B.H.E.S. accreditation and tax exam excluded)

The master will take place from November 6th, 2017 until July 27th, 2018, compulsory attendance from Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., plus one afternoon per week, at ISAD – Istituto Superiore di Architettura e Design.

The educational program includes a full-time internship in the most prestigious studios and firms. The master will be held by teachers-professionals of the field as detailed in the program published on the website

Requirements for participation in the selection

Participation in the competition is open to candidates who are not in possession of other scholarships and meet the following requirements:

  • graduates in Architecture, Design and Building Engineering (3 years)
  • graduates in Architecture, Design and Building Engineering (5 years)
  • holders of a bachelor diploma in Design schools

Documents to be sent

  • participation form completely filled in
  • letter of purpose
  • curriculum vitae with a brief personal profile
  • portfolio in an A4 format with a max of 10 pages that illustrate project works during university path graduation/diploma degree with the transfer of credits and final thesis general point average (GPA) declaration stating that student is not holding any other scholarship


Selection for the participation to the scholarships will be done based on the evaluation of the curricula, the portfolio and the graduation/diploma degree with a transfer of credits and final thesis general point average (GPA). These documents have to be sent to, not later than Friday, September 15th, 2017.

Evaluation and selection of winners

Results will be communicated on September 26th, 2017.

Candidates are having 48 hours to accept the scholarship sending a mail to From the acceptance, the winner is having 5 days time to apply for the course, and send a copy of the payment for the tax inscription of €3.150,00 VAT included.

If the winner is not going to accept the scholarship, or if the winner is not sending the application before the scheduled time, the scholarship will be considered refused and the Commission could assign it to another candidate.

N.B. Please see the related tuition fees and payment schedule.

Interior Design

Program taught in:

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