Master in Innovation and Product Management


Program Description

Master in Innovation and Product Management

Marketplace complexity and dynamics create an environment that increases the uncertainty of innovation activities. Today, if a company wants to be successful in such an environment, it must see uncertainties as opportunities. This can only be achieved by treating innovation as an iterative process. What characterizes such a process of innovation leading to sustainable success? Holistic integration of marketing, design, and technology, combined with strategic thinking is the only way to develop product innovations and services in a sustainable way.

This is the main focus of the Master's degree program "Innovation and Product Management (IPM)". In an interdisciplinary training concept, the various aspects of integrated innovation and product management are taught both theoretically and practically.

This program provides a comprehensive education in Mechatronics, Business Economics and Marketing, complemented by the know-how delivered in two specializations, namely "Product Concept Design" and "Development Process Engineering". It is taught by experienced experts from industry who are up-to-date with the latest trends and developments, ensuring a modern and future-orientated program. Graduates of IPM are therefore best equipped with the knowledge and skills required to become top managers wherever product development, marketing, design and the customer meet.


  • Qualification: Master of Science in Engineering (MSc).
  • Duration: 4 semesters (120 ECTS).
  • Places: 23
  • Mode of study: full-time.
  • Entrance requirements: Completed Bachelor’s degree (180 ECTS or equivalent) with Economics or Engineering and English background.
  • Language of tuition: 100% English.


Product Concept Design: Design-centered factors represent, in many cases, key potential for differentiation and efficiency of mechatronic products. As a future product concept designer, you learn to consider goal-orientated and resources-friendly ergonomic, functional and aesthetic aspects in the ideas and concept phase.

Development Process Engineering: This specialization module deals with the optimization of integrated development processes of mechatronic products. You are taught how to design and implement a system for information, planning, and monitoring of development in support of the R & D department.

Future careers

In technologically challenging markets products and processes need to be optimized within ever shorter time intervals and new products and processes designed and positioned. Moreover, increasing globalization leads to greater complexity of development processes and management tasks.

Graduates of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria Master’s degree program "Innovation and Product Management" meet exactly the requirements of international industrial goods companies.

  • As a manager of technical innovations and products, you are primarily responsible for the conceptual design and positioning of products and thus ensure the long-term success of your business.
  • You develop and implement appropriate marketing and design strategies that will allow your firm to stand out in terms of success and sustainability from the competition.
  • As a "Process Development Engineer" you are responsible for the design and implementation of an efficient and integrated development process.
  • As a "Product Concept Designer," you develop design concepts and models using new tools and visualization methods.


The Master's program "Innovation and Product Management” prepares students for management positions in technical product development, innovation and design, product management and marketing in the field of industrial goods in international technology companies.

In accordance with the respective specific areas of activity, a sound knowledge of modern engineering (reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, bionics, usability, etc.) is required. The areas of Development Process Engineering or Product Concept Design are also covered.

In addition, expertise is necessary for strategic technology and innovation management as well as in international B2B marketing. To meet these complex requirements specific policy instruments are required and goal-orientated, integrated process planning and process control.

Innovative engineers must also have a skills portfolio in the field of technical design and strategic design management.

The international focus of the program places special emphasis on command of the English language (the entire course is taught in English) and on intercultural competence.

Industry cooperations

Cooperation with local and global industry is one of the cornerstones of this program. Industry partners are involved in:

  • curriculum development,
  • R&D projects,
  • student projects and internships,
  • lecturers from industry.

The result is an excellent employability through:

  • tailor-made programs to suit industry’s needs,
  • academic knowledge combined with practical training.
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