Master in Industrial & Management Engineering (IMS)


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Program Description

Master in Industrial & Management Engineering (IMS)

The Department of Industrial & Management Engineering (IMS) at POSTECH is dedicated to excellence in teaching and research to equip students with the philosophies, knowledge, skills, and methodologies of industrial engineering and technology management so that they become major contributors to global well-being and sustainability.

The IME department has gone through significant changes over the past decade in response to current megatrends such as rapid technology innovation, globalization, convergence in products and services, and ever-shortening product life cycle. IME is a discipline dealing with the integrated optimization, planning, design, operation, and management of complex processes, products, services, and systems. It is concerned with the development, improvement, implementation, and evaluation of integrated systems of humans, knowledge, information, equipment, energy, financial resources, and materials.

Last updated Sep 2017