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Program Description

With the Master in Illustration and Comic you will find your own voice as an illustrator and draftsman, while expanding your capabilities and graphic languages to successfully respond to the requirements of the professional market.

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Basic data

  • Qualification: Master in Illustration and Comic, own title issued by the Pompeu Fabra University (UPF)
  • Direction: Mery Cuesta, José Luis Merino
  • ECTS credits: 60
  • Duration: October 2020 to July 2021; Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 17: 00-21: 15
  • Price: October 2020: € 10,000 (+ € 450 pre-registration)
  • Language: Spanish
  • Access and admission requirements: Official university degree or equivalent to Graphic Design or Fine Arts. Portfolio and management of illustration software


What are the draftsman's languages and tools today? In the Master in Illustration and Comic you will know which with the challenges that a professional of illustration and comics face in the information age.

We live in a time of boom in graphic languages and especially in comics and illustration. We are not only referring to its success as a market aesthetic or as a cultural product, but rather the historical development of the personality of these languages. New technological media are definitely transforming the profession of draftsman, illustrator and editor. The range of possibilities increases both creatively and in the aspects of editing, production and distribution of work. This is how a movement of expansion in cultural consumption of products related to graphic expression is taking place today, as well as a migration of both the role of the creative and the public towards digital media.

The focus of the Master in Illustration and Comic combines an experimental facet with the deepening in various languages and current tools that portray an expanded professional profile of the draftsman. In addition, today the professional world of draftsman and graphic creative covers the international sphere, because technologies allow there to be no borders in the markets. The Master offers the keys to develop in this new panorama, understanding the world as a global market and dissecting the business network (clients, representatives, gallery owners, publishers) around the sector related to graphic languages. The program culminates in a publication (illustrated book, comic, hybrid formats) developed throughout the program in direct collaboration with publishers and professionals in the publishing world.

One of the most relevant objectives of the Master in Illustration and Comic is to directly connect the student with the professional field, not only prepare them, but introduce them directly to the experience of dealing with the client through projects and commissions that serve as a gateway to the professional world. For this reason, the Master will prepare several real projects for renowned publishers and companies, allowing students to professionally disseminate their work and assume the real parameters of customer relations, since the task of a graphic creator is, in essence, an act of communication.

The program, half practical and half theoretical, provides the necessary tools, both technical and creative, so that each person finds his way in the current scene of illustration and comics, in a dizzying moment of technological and social changes.

Information session video


  • Help the student to search, understand and assume the changes in the profession of draftsman and graphic creative.
  • Guide the student to find his place on the international scene.
  • Give the keys to succeed in the world of illustration, comics and graphic creation.
  • Know and experience all the phases of work and achievement of a commercial project and / or a personal project.
  • Put the student in direct contact with the most prominent professionals in the sector today, both nationally and internationally.
  • Enhance the personal values of each student and their personal brand, helping to break pre-established mechanisms or judgments.
  • Transmit sufficient knowledge and experiences to the student to start their own career in the illustration and comic market.
  • Introduce students to languages and experimental techniques to enhance their own uniqueness.
  • Explore and enhance each person's own voice.


Mastery of the illustrative, plastic and concept and synthesis criteria, as well as the tools and techniques in the field of illustration and comics applied to:

  • A final personal project of a comic book, illustrated book or author's book course.
  • Commissioned illustration projects for editorials, magazines, newspapers, advertising, packaging, illustrations for merchandising, branding, communication.
  • Digital projects (websites, apps, animations, video games, illustration for the digital press).
  • Commercial projects of edition, comic, illustrated book.
  • Exhibition personal projects.
  • Projects in various languages (tattoo, embroidery).
  • Mastery of the work phases and professional planning of illustration projects and adaptation to the temporary needs of each medium.
Last updated May 2020

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ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering is a university center founded in 1961 and it is the oldest school of design in Spain. ELISAVA is among the 100 best schools of design and architectu ... Read More

ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering is a university center founded in 1961 and it is the oldest school of design in Spain. ELISAVA is among the 100 best schools of design and architecture in Europe according to the Domus magazine. Read less