Master in Hygienic Engineering and Design


Program Description

The program was developed jointly with foreign partners on the basis of European and Russian legislation in the field of hygienic and industrial safety. Professional cycle disciplines are developed on the basis of the regulations of the Hygienic Engineering and Design Group and create knowledge, practical and research experience in the design of process equipment and food production processes that meet the design hygienic requirements and ensure the production of high-quality and safe products .

The purpose of the program:

training specialists in the field of design, implementation, maintenance and audit of process equipment and food production processes, biologics and pharmaceuticals for their compliance with the global hygiene and safety requirements. In addition, the program is focused on training researchers in the field of computer modeling and optimization of food production processes, designing and testing new and / or improved items of equipment and technological lines in order to eliminate possible contamination (contamination) of products during their production.

Entry requirements (documents, qualifications):

graduates of undergraduate and graduate programs

Admission procedure and deadlines:

  1. Please fill in the application form, available on the next page (
  2. Wait for the answer sent to your e-mail with a detailed explanation regarding the next steps and the date of the interview (exam) to be taken on the Internet
  3. Send us scanned copies of the documents that will be indicated in the reply email. The deadline for submitting applications and documents is July 30, 2019
  4. Pass a multidisciplinary interview (exam). A list of possible questions and the exam procedure are offered in a guide available on the website at the end of April 2019. The deadline for the interview (exam) - August 10, 2019
  5. You must pay for the 1st year of study (annual training) until August 13, 2019 on the bank details of the university (available on the official website -
  6. Date of issuance of the order for the admission of persons who were enrolled in the number of students: August 14, 2019
  7. The procedure for issuing a visa from August 15, 2019, if you have successfully passed the interview (exam) and are in the list of enrolled students specified in the order

Lists of compulsory and selective semester courses

1st semester

  • Business and business planning
  • Construction materials
  • Innovation and Intellectual Property Protection
  • IT technologies in mechanical engineering
  • English for professional communication
  • Cleaning and disinfection
  • Legislation on food safety and hygienic engineering
  • Hygienic risk factors

2 semester

  • English for professional communication
  • Food processes and equipment
  • Fundamentals of research and experiment planning
  • Installation, maintenance and lubricants
  • Welding in food engineering
  • Food technology for products of animal and vegetable origin
  • Biotechnology and pharmaceutical technology

Term 3

  • Hygienic design factory for the food industry
  • Hygienic design of food processing equipment
  • Check hard disk. Food Equipment Evaluation and Certification Methods
  • Food Safety Systems and Standards

Training base (partners)

  • Laboratory of processes and devices for food production at the Institute of Living Systems of NCFU; NCFU;
  • Microbiology Laboratory of the Institute of Living Systems NCFU;
  • Laboratory of Food Technology of the Institute of Living Systems NCFU;
  • Laboratory of Nanobiotechnology and Biophysics of the Institute of Living Systems NCFU;
  • Center for prototyping and 3D modeling of the engineering institute of NCFU;
  • Laboratory of Metrology and Robotics at the Engineering Institute of SKFU;
  • Laboratory of Mechanical Engineering Technology of the Engineering Institute of SKFU;
  • The basic department of technology of milk and dairy products at JSC Dairy Plant Stavropol;
  • Center for Biotechnological Engineering of the Institute of Living Systems NCFU.

Career opportunities:

  • leading designer of food processing equipment and technological processes;
  • head / member of the project team for the development and implementation of food safety at work;
  • Head of Metrological Assurance and Quality Systems at Work;
  • research engineer in the design of technological processes in the service of R
  • an auditor (expert) in the field of conformity assessment of production requirements of international standards in the field of hygiene and safety;
  • Teacher-research in the field of technological equipment in higher education institutions and research organizations.
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