MBP School of Coaches focuses its activity into the education of soccer coaches, all over the world, with adapted programs to every one of them and with a unique goal: optimize their technical level to their maximum exponent.

Your Coach' escence at its maximum exponent.

In addition, MBP School of Coaches has an R+D+i department, which works every day to develop new contents for MBP methodology, with the goal to improve and evolve it.

Master in High-Performance Soccer it is long way learning immersion with the main goal to know MBP Methodology as an expert in all the studying areas. This program is for professional soccer coaches who would know soccer from its essence, dominating all the structure of this sport.

In addition, they will learn a way to watch and train soccer unique in the world, that it gave many successes to our country.


  • Reduced groups: (less than 15 students)
  • Total hours: 350 h
  • Duration: 16 weeks
  • Place: Barcelona
  • Studying Areas: Planning, methodology, physical conditioning, game analysis and emotional and mental training.
  • Other activities: Analysis of games and training sessions of professional teams and grassroots and
  • in field practical sessions.

Academical Curriculum

  1. Players and soccer studies
  2. Soccer, a team sport
  3. Training methodology
  4. Sports Coaching
  5. Physical conditioning

Other activities

Professional live games

  • FC Barcelona
  • RCD Espanyol
  • Other professional games: FC Barcelona B, RCD Espanyol B, Badalona, Cornellà,...

Grassroots live games

  • FC Barcelona
  • RCD Espanyol
  • Other Top Academies in Barcelona: Damm, Cornellà, Europa, etc.

Professional training sessions

Grassroots training sessions

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Last updated August 1, 2018
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