Training: Master
Title: Own Title
Modality: On-site / Full-time
Center: Barcelona
Call: October 2019
ETCS Credits: 60 ECTS
School years: 1 year
Professional internships: Practices in companies and gastronomic institutions (180 hours)

The Master is developed under an international approach, where the pastry is not only understood as a result of the transformation of agri-food products, but, on the contrary, requires constant innovation and dedication, the result of which sometimes gives the cataloging of true pieces of art. The main objective of the Postgraduate is to train professionals who want to strengthen, create and propose new options related to the pastry. Also, provide the conceptual tools and cutting-edge techniques that will allow the student to develop in a dynamic, international and innovative culinary environment.116049_PPVV4-MasterPastiseria.png

For this, the Master offers a conceptual, theoretical, but above all practice in techniques and trends in pastry, in such a way that the current requirements of the demand are understood, for example, to the vegan cuisine, slow food, or the need to treat celiacs, etc. The master's degree focuses on training creative, autonomous and innovative professionals capable of conceptualizing and materializing the needs of the culinary and culinary market, all with a strategic, global and sustainable vision in any of the professional outlets for which the course has been designed.


The Master in High Pastry and Pastry will allow you to:

  • Knowing the agri-food and gastronomy sector: building a strong knowledge base of the food and agricultural sectors from an international perspective and always from the managerial approach.
  • Global vision: to train professionals oriented to the management innovative companies in the gastronomic field capable of obtaining the expected results at a global level.
  • Innovation and sustainable management: develop the capacity for creativity and innovation in businesses linked to gastronomy and its sustainable management through comprehensive and specialized training, qualifying participants for the assumption of positions of responsibility in the sector.
  • Leadership training: develop the necessary skills of a global manager of companies and projects linked to gastronomy to achieve a collaborative, assertive and participative work.
  • Design, plan and manage business projects in the pastry sector.
  • Ensure a multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary approach to pastry.
  • Encourage the development of creative and innovative thinking about the value of agri-food products and their transformation.
  • To favor the combination of innovation, business vision and organizational competences in entrepreneurial initiatives in the fields of gastronomy.

Advisory Committee

Committee of expert chefs and collaborations with companies: We do not want our students to be only good, we want them to be the best. For this reason, we have great professionals of recognized national and international renown who will share their knowledge and experience with our students.

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Advantages and services

  • International and professional recognition.
  • Solid knowledge in management.
  • Barcelona as a world gastronomic center.
  • Field trips
  • Sensory tasting workshops
  • Management of gastronomic events
  • First generation technical environment
  • Practices in companies and gastronomic institutions
  • Networking and project incubator
  • Coaching cycle and managerial skills
  • Creative environment for learning
  • Assistance to sector fairs
  • Permanent team of renowned chefs

Professional outings

  • Director of creative projects in pastry and confectionery.
  • ID pastry and pastry.
  • Head of pastry.
  • Chief of workshop.
  • Pastry maker
  • Operational and creative supervisor of collective centers and catering companies.
  • Expert consultant in the pastry sector and in general, gastronomic.
  • Entrepreneur in the pastry and confectionery sector.116047_PPVV2-MasterPastiseria.png


  • Module 1: Creative management in pastry and confectionery
  • Module 2: Techniques, technology and vanguard in pastry and confectionery
  • Module 3: Products, logistics and operations in pastry and confectionery
  • Module 4: Production, transformation and consumption in pastry and confectionery
  • Module 5: Trends and innovation in pastry and confectionery
  • Module 6: Master's final project
Program taught in:

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Oct 2019
1 year
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Oct 2019
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Sep 30, 2020
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Oct 2019

Application deadline
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Sep 30, 2020