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Program Description

Program description

Graphic Design at the Bachelor’s level is dedicated to learning graphic techniques and gaining a basic knowledge of the arts. The Master’s program at the European Faculty of Art of Vistula University will enable you to greatly expand your knowledge of the subject. The Master’s program also provides a great opportunity to learn how to consciously plan your professional career, in a world where vast knowledge and skills are the name of the game.

Graphic Design at the European Faculty of Art of Vistula University is a program designed for all those who want to be independent, and are not afraid of artistic experiments. It also provides the perfect space for those interested in experimental work, using their imaginations, their own drawing skills, photography, and the latest in digital printing.

So, if you want to implement your own original artistic concepts, and be able to proficiently use your graphic design skills, the two-year Master’s program will enable you to gain the necessary knowledge and specialized skills. These, you will gain in lectures and various workshops, both in-class and in the open-air.


If you want to apply for the Graphic Design Master’s program, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a holder of a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Be a graduate of a Bachelor’s or Master’s program in the arts, or another subject area – e.g. liberal and general arts.
  • Pass the interview, combined with a presentation and auto-analysis of your artistic portfolio.

About the program

The curriculum of the Graphic Design (Master’s level) program is harmonious with the mission and development strategy of the University. It prepares graduates for work on modern, advanced tasks in design, advertising, and graphics – both individually, and as a team, using digital and analog technologies.

The curriculum is based on a balanced set of traditional artistic techniques, as well as modern photographic and digital techniques. The courses put practical knowledge first and will develop your creative thinking, and the ability to complete artistic and design tasks.

So, if you want to be an independent artist or work as a computer graphics designer, studying at Vistula University is for you!


The 6th and final semester of the program includes a diploma apprenticeship. It is obligatory for full- and part-time students and is 50 hours long (two weeks).


At Vistula University, practical applications of taught material come first, and the Master’s program combines this with teaching creative design and how to promote projects melding art and commerce.


The Graphic Design program (Master’s level) offers two sub-majors: artistic graphic design and media art.

  • Sub-major: Artistic Graphic Design

You will greatly expand your knowledge of graphic techniques, such as computer graphics. The Master’s program at Vistula University will enable you to create various artistic experiments using your imagination, drawing, and photography skills. You will create many unique works of art, spatial, and graphic designs.

  • Sub-major: Media Art

You will expand your knowledge of digital and analog media, as well as becoming a conscious creator, ready to work in the creative arts. You will gain the experience necessary to implement your own artistic ideas and focus on your own chosen areas when developing as a computer graphics designer. The sub-major has been designed with everyone who wants to work with commercial art in mind.

Career after studies

The Graphic Design program has been designed to best prepare you for your chosen career. A practical approach, combined with the opportunity to gain a vast array of skills, allows you to develop in the direction you choose, and take your first steps towards professional success.

After graduating, you will receive the title – ‘Master of Art’.

Benefits of studying computer engineering

  • Creative independence

By becoming a Master of Art, you will be able to, independently and consciously, create works of art, using your chosen techniques.

  • Designing graphics

You will learn how to create your own concepts of creating graphical material for printing, using various techniques, based on your own imagination, artistic knowledge, and appropriate technical skills.

  • Tools of the trade

During your studies, you will also learn to use specialized tools and equipment, useful in creating unique designs. You will be prepared well to work in the dynamic worlds of advertising and new media.

  • Ready to work

As a graduate, you will be able to use the knowledge of typography and graphic design, as well as marketing and promotion, to create and carry out commercial projects in areas, such as advertising.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fee for full-time studies (BA/MA) in English – EU citizens*

  • Registration fee: 120 €
  • Tuition fee (per year): 1 450 €
  • Tuition fee (per semester): 775 €

Last updated Mar 2019

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