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Program Description

The International Training Center of the International Labor Organization (ITC-ILO) organizes, in partnership with the Institute of Political Studies of Paris ("Sciences Po"), the University of Turin (Italy) and Expertise France, a master's program in governance and management of public procurement in support of sustainable development in which participants explore the legal, regulatory, economic, managerial and organizational foundations of a modern system of governance and management of public procurement.

This master's program integrates teaching methods and mixed learning techniques that allow participants to study and assimilate the theory and apply the knowledge in a practical way through the realization of work, case studies , study visits and an applied research project. Participation in the program also provides access to a network and exposure to the expertise, experience and know-how of academics, experts working in international organizations and industry experts. public and private.

The purpose of the program is to prepare the participants for executive or managerial functions related to the regulation, procurement or supervision of public contracts and contracts at the level of administrations and international organizations

The master's program is structured around four main knowledge areas that are subdivided and organized into eighteen modules:

  • Area 1: Governance: legal frameworks and regulation of public procurement
  • Area 2: Economic Theories and Public Procurement
  • Area 3: Management, Public Procurement and Contract Management
  • Area 4: Public Procurement and Sustainable Development.

The eighteen modules that make up the entire curriculum are as follows:

  1. Introduction to governance of public procurement and definition of the international legal framework
  2. Recent reforms, national legal and regulatory frameworks
  3. Introduction to economic principles in public procurement
  4. Political and economic issues related to the legal framework of public procurement
  5. Development Programs and Projects and Public Procurement
  6. Policies and Guidelines of the World Bank, the African Development Bank and the European Union on Government Procurement
  7. Contracting of works
  8. Procurement of consultancy contracts
  9. Procurement of supplies and services
  10. Supply Chain Management: Incoterms, Insurance and Party Responsibilities
  11. Contract management
  12. Preventing recourse and settling disputes
  13. Market Planning
  14. Risk management
  15. Public-private partnerships
  16. Electronic procurement (e-procurement)
  17. Audit of public procurement: fight against fraud and corruption
  18. Public Contracts and Sustainable Development: Labor Standards, Environment and Social Responsibility

Organization, duration and place

The program is conducted in French and has a total duration of 12 months.

The program is structured in three successive learning phases lasting approximately four months according to the following schedule:

  1. The first phase of learning takes place remotely. During this phase, participants complete a distance learning module via the Internet. This phase will begin on October 15, 2018 and will end on January 25, 2019. This remote phase will introduce participants to the principles of public procurement and present the different stages of the process of procurement of supplies, works and services. Services.
  2. The second phase of learning takes place in Turin and consists of a series of classes taught by different experts and teachers. Classes will start on the ITC-ILO campus on January 28, 2019 and end on May 24, 2019. During this phase, attendance at the course is mandatory because most of the training program, from theoretical knowledge to practical work, is delivered. during this period. The phase in Turin is the most important because of the density of the program which covers in detail and in depth all the eighteen modules.
  3. The third phase consists of the preparation of an applied research project, the writing of a thesis and the submission of the thesis to the scientific council of the program. During this phase, which will take place at a distance, participants will be required to conduct an individual research, under the guidance of their supervisor, on a topic related to public procurement and to submit at the end of this phase a final thesis. The outline of the research project will be presented before the start of phase III and the final thesis must be submitted to the scientific council by October 2019.

The registration fee for the master's program is 8,500 euros and includes insurance, and access to medical care and facilitation services offered to participants on campus.

Accommodation (including breakfast) on the CIF-OIT campus costs
€ 5,250 and covers the cost of housing on campus for the entire period of Phase II that takes place in Turin.

A limited number of partial fellowships that can cover a portion of the ITC-ILO's registration and accommodation fees are available for students from low-income countries. These scholarships are offered on a competitive basis among deserving candidates and on the basis of selection criteria: country of origin, gender, relevant experience, etc.

The prerequisites to participate in the program are:

  • to have completed three years of university studies and to have obtained a formal undergraduate degree in a field related to public procurement (diploma equivalent to the license of the French system or the bachelor of the American system)
  • to have a minimum of professional experience;
  • to demonstrate a good command of the French language.

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