Master in German and French Philosophy


Program Description

The Faculty of Humanities of Charles University, Prague offers German Master and Ph.D. programs in German and French philosophy. The focus is on the interdisciplinary and intercultural networking of philosophy. Against the background of basic questions on phenomenological philosophy, philosophical anthropology, and contemporary philosophy, the courses deal with analyses of epochal thresholds, intercultural philosophy, the philosophy of art and the interdisciplinary project of ecological philosophy. Because of this wide spectrum, the courses are also of interest to all those who deal with cultural studies and theories of cultures. The central concern is not simply to presuppose concepts of 'culture', but to question them philosophically.

The special advantages of studying in Prague are small working groups and individual approach of our Staff towards our students. All services to be provided by the students, such as term papers, papers, and theses (master theses and dissertations) can be prepared in German, which is also the language of study. It is also possible to attend courses in Czech, French, and English.

During workshop seminars, students have the opportunity to present their own projects right from the start. The students are also supported in the publication of their own work. The faculty also grants scholarships that can be used to finance student trips abroad for research purposes within the scope of the Master's or Doctoral thesis. As a basic rule, students are encouraged to pursue their own philosophical interests so that they can maximize them.

Description of verification and evaluation criteria

  1. Send us a letter of motivation and an academic article written by you in German (e.g. your bachelor thesis or an already published article) before the registration deadline. The text should be at least 15 pages long and serves as proof of your knowledge, your abilities and your talent for the study of philosophy. The decision as to whether the submitted application documents meet the stated requirements lies with the Dean of the Faculty.

  2. Send us a notarized copy of your bachelor's degree. If you have obtained your degree outside the Czech Republic, you must have it officially nostrified by the Czech Ministry of Education or send your documents for an official recognition process conducted by the faculty itself. More on the process of recognition/nostrification can be found on the Faculty website.

Conditions for admission

Admission to Master's studies is conditioned by a completed Bachelor's education confirmed by a school-leaving certificate. The applicant must also submit all of the relevant documents to their application.

You can submit an online application on our Admissions portal before the deadline. The deadline for students who wish to begin their studies in the academic year 2020/2021 is July 31st, 2020.

Career Prospect

Our graduates have a thorough knowledge of the history of German and French philosophy of the 18th and 19th centuries, classical and modern phenomenology in Germany and France, and other relevant forms of contemporary philosophy rendered in German and/or French. They are knowledgeable about the perception of, and response to, these philosophical trends in the Czech milieu. This study program prepares our graduates for follow-up doctoral studies and can be relevantly applied in academic and scientific institutions. Our graduates are qualified – owing to their specialized training, communicative and language skills – to meet the specific demands of cultural and political management of the state and non-governmental sector, at home and abroad, in the media and in publishing.

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