Master in Gender Studies


Program Description

The Master's program Gender Studies at Charles University applies intersectional and interdisciplinary perspectives on gender as one of the basic principles organizing human society and culture. Gender studies focus on the analysis of historical as well as contemporary manifestations of gender order, influence of feminist/queer theories and methods in science and research and other aspects of the gender order; they also probe the relationship between gender and other categories of social differentiation and stratification such as race/ethnicity, social status, age, sexuality, and/or disability.

One of the specific strengths and internationally recognized expertise of the gender studies program at Charles University is the emphasis put on the analysis of post-socialist experiences and reflections of gender structuring of the late-socialist Czechoslovak society, and Central/East European societies in general.

The English M.A. program in Gender Studies at the Faculty of Humanities is open to university students from all over the world. One of the program's benefits is a diverse environment that encourages critical and multiperspective thinking. The Faculty of Humanities in Prague is a non-discriminatory and fair institution and applicants of all nationalities, ethnicities, cultural, social backgrounds, ages, and genders are welcome.

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Description of verification and evaluation criteria

  1. Submit a motivation letter, structured CV (curriculum vitae) and an academic paper in English before the application deadline. The paper should be no less than 15 pages in length and prove the applicant's knowledge, skills, and talent for study in the program which the applicant applies for. The paper can be the applicant's defended bachelor’s thesis or its summary, an article published in an academic journal or any new essay that the applicant chooses to represent them and their academic knowledge. Dean of the faculty decides whether papers that the applicant submits meet the requirements.

  2. Submit a notarized copy of the applicant's bachelor or master diploma. Those applicants who graduated abroad or from a foreign school are required to provide recognition/nostrification of their foreign diploma. More information about the process of recognition and nostrification is available on the Faculty's website.

Conditions for admission

Admission to Master's studies is conditioned by completed BA education confirmed by a diploma and by submission of the relevant documents mentioned above.

Start your online application on our Admissions portal. The deadline for submitting the completed application is April 30, 2020. 

Graduate Profile

Gender studies introduce students to gender analysis in diverse disciplines and prepare them for future work in academic, political, and advisory fields. The study emphasizes both theoretical-methodological and analytical skills, as well as students' ability to apply them in practice. It combines knowledge of history and contemporary discussions abroad with the knowledge of concrete cultural, social, and political problems in the Czech Republic. Graduates will be prepared for professional careers in academia, in the state sector, social politics, health care, social legal advisory, education or the non-profit sector.

Career Prospects

M.A. Program in Gender Studies is specifically conceptualized in a way so that the students of this field obtain knowledge and skills and deepen their understanding of gender constructions and principles functioning in society. The students should be able to critically and in complex ways evaluate the roles and meanings of these constructions in the overall organization of society. Likewise, they should be able to assess and analyze the consequences of the gender roles, constructions and stereotypes for both contemporary and historical position of women and men in society. The goal of the program is to familiarize the students with gender analysis in diverse academic fields and practical areas of social life in order to get them ready for professional careers in wide range of professional fields, including state administration, social policy, social and medical care, social and legal work, education and academic work.

Graduates of the M.A. program in Gender Studies will find their careers in state and non-governmental organizations, especially in national and international institutions and organizations concerned with social questions, family matters, domestic and public violence, human rights and equal opportunities, development of civil society, sustainable development, labor law, and others. In their work, individual, teamwork or leading roles, in roles of mediators of conflict resolution, in research, education, planning, applying methods of social change they will be able to inspire advanced gender sensibility and use applied gender analysis with gender differentiated attitudes. They will be able to contribute to so-called "gender mainstreaming", i.e. to the integration of gender-differentiated attitudes and principles to the fundamental social-political and cultural structures of the society. They will be able to develop and cultivate principles and environment of social justice in the wide sense of the term, support gender balance, equality and human and civil rights to difference and gender and sexual autonomy. Graduates of the program will also be able to find their careers in theoretical and pedagogical teams in academia and thus contribute to the development and broadening of gender studies on an interdisciplinary level, in both research and teaching.

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