Master in Gastronomy and Culinary Management


Program Description



This Master's Degree offers a total immersion in gastronomy from day one. A qualitative leap in your professional career. You will be able to come up with creative and profitable culinary proposals, not only in traditional cuisine but also in patisserie and bakery.

The program has a duration of 5 months and is complemented by 530 external practice hours, in some of the best restaurants from our Culinary Team.



The Master's Degree from CEU Cardenal Herrera University and Gasma trains proactive professionals. Our program is innovative, participatory and based on an experiential methodology.

Through practical workshops, Masterclasses, events and learning tours you will acquire the knowledge to help you make a difference.



Learn from the best experts in food product, and renowned professionals in areas like culinary management or R&D+i applied to Gastronomy. Knowledge and experience at your service.


Our pioneering methodology and direct contact with the best professionals will prepare you to take on the challenge of addressing the needs of the culinary sector.

Gasma is committed to employability.


Why study this Master's Degree?

  1. You will understand the basics of traditional cuisine and study food product in order to make the most of it.

  2. You will master the most innovative techniques and develop your creative potential to set up a unique gastronomic proposal.

  3. You will discover culinary techniques from around the world and learn to successfully integrate them, thus extending the range of your skills.

  4. Develop a complete professional profile through the study of different culinary areas, such as patisserie and bakery.

  5. We will provide you with the necessary tools to transform your work into a profitable and delectable cuisine.


6.You will learn firsthand about the most successful business models and the latest international trends.

  1. CEU Cardenal Herrera University and Gasma use an innovative methodology where students have a very active role: practical workshops, Masterclasses, events and learning tours.

  2. You will learn from the experience and know-how of our Culinary Team and experts on Culinary Management.

  3. You will learn about networking and how to build your own culinary community thanks to being in contact with the Chefs and professionals involved in your training.

  4. Your training will be completed with 530 external practice hours in some of the best restaurants in Spain.


Addressed to

The Master's Degree program is intended for students and professionals with an entrepreneurial attitude. This training will be a qualitative leap in their professional careers.

  • Cooking and Catering Intermediate and Advanced Vocational Training Students. Graduates in Gastronomy.
  • Graduates in Tourism and Hotel Management, with special mentions in Gastronomy or Catering.
  • Professionals in the culinary field who want to take their career to the next level.


Program and Methodology


Cardenal Herrera University and Gasma work with a dynamic and innovative methodology that allows students to fully develop their professional profiles. For this reason, 80% of the hours in the Master's Degree is intended for practical training.

Students learn in practical and participatory sessions by working with internationally renowned chefs. As far as the management area is concerned, students face real business situations and learn firsthand about major success stories.


The goal is to obtain an experiential knowledge that goes beyond the classroom limits. Students will learn to value all factors involved in gastronomy: farmers, manufacturers, distributors, laboratories, R&D+i, etc.

Trainers continuously monitor and evaluate the knowledge acquired. At the end of the Master's Degree, students must prove their skills in a Master's Degree Final Project, which is highly practical.



All subjects in the Master's Degree are divided into three major areas in order to offer a global training in Gastronomy and Culinary Management.


Last updated Jul 2019

About the School

Gasma is the Gastronomy and Culinary Management Campus from CEU Cardenal Herrera University.

Gasma is the Gastronomy and Culinary Management Campus from CEU Cardenal Herrera University. Read less
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