Gaming and multimedia have assumed an important place in our society, giving rise to a booming industry with turnovers exceeding those of the movie industry and generating leaps in computer software and hardware development. The Master’s program in Game and Media Technology focuses on the technological aspects of gaming and multimedia in the context of computer science.

In the research program of gaming and simulation, you will explore:

  • Modeling virtual worlds
  • Creating character animation and behavior
  • Generating effective scenarios
  • Building multi-sensory interfaces

Drama, Style, and Emotions

It also incorporates such aspects as drama, style, and emotions, with a focus on the technical aspects. Simulating the physics, biology, and psychology of the real world and bringing it to life in multi-sensory simulations are major challenges you will explore in our dynamic program.

New types of games and hardware reach the market regularly. Moreover, there is increasing recognition of the value of games as an educational tool and the integration of multimedia tools into everyday life is continuing. This creates fertile grounds for those with an advanced degree in the area of Game and Media Technology.

Program Objective

This Master’s program in Game and Media Technology provides you with both fundamental and applied knowledge of the techniques for handling spatial data. You will gain the skills to perform research, analyze, and solve scientific problems — and to keep up with research progress in the fields of geometry, imaging, and virtual environments. Game and Media Technology graduates are highly valued employees in many companies and research facilities.

Career Prospects

The gaming industry has undergone rapid development in the past decades and now generates turnover that exceeds that of the entertainment and movie industry. Needless to say, the industry requires many savvy employees with high-level degrees in gaming and multimedia. In addition, the potential of games as an educational tool is increasingly recognized, giving rise to new market opportunities. The rapid development of the computer sciences and computer hardware – including new gaming media such as mobile phones – drives the constant need for up-to-date professionals.

Possible Prospects

  • Academic Careers

For graduates interested in a research-oriented career, the Master’s degree offers the opportunity to start a Ph.D. research project, leading to a doctorate degree in any of the related topics at a university in the Netherlands or abroad. There are a number of such positions available within the Centre for Advanced Gaming and Simulation, and our staff maintains extensive contacts with other universities. Graduates may also find challenging positions in research departments of international companies.

  • Professional Careers

Graduates with an interest in software development are well qualified for jobs in many different companies, in such fields as:

  • Multimedia
  • Consumer electronics
  • 3D web design
  • Game development
  • Industrial computer vision
  • Medical image analysis
  • Automated cartography
  • Geographical information systems
  • 3D interactive systems

Their work could involve the development or supervision of new products and applications. Graduates are also qualified for jobs in consultancy or can establish a start-up company in an emerging market.

Program taught in:

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Last updated November 28, 2018
This course is Campus based
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