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Palacký University Olomouc

Palacký University, established in 1573, is one of the leading centres of teaching and research in the Czech Republic. It comprises eight faculties at the present time and offers degrees in a wide range of disciplines, including medicine and other natural sciences, humanities, social sciences, as well as legal education. In the recent years, one of the highest priorities of the University is to strengthen international cooperation with other higher education institutions. Up to date, more than 1 700 international students study at Palacký University.

Palacký University is located in historical but dynamic city of Olomouc. The town itself is very old and picturesque and it is surrounded by sports facilities and nature. The city of Olomouc is well-known for its high density of university students: over 24 000 students in the city of 100 000 inhabitants make Olomouc the city with the highest density of university students in Central Europe.

Foresight for Environment and Development (FED) is a graduate two-year full-time program. The aim of the program is to prepare foresight-focused professionals for careers in environment and development policy and practice. Foresight is the ability to predict what may happen or may be needed in the future, while considering the future as something that we can create or shape. Foresight assumes that the future is not pre-determined but can evolve in different directions. Foresight includes thinking about the future, debating the future and shaping the future, using participatory and multidisciplinary approaches. Development in the name of the program stands for a branch of social science which addresses issues of concern to development policy and best practices. Environment stands for an academic field which systematically studies human interaction with the environment and includes particularly the factors that have an influence on human wellbeing and sustainable development.

Upon successful completion of the program students will be equipped to work in public sector as well as in private industry both at the national and international levels. The graduate students may be employed in governmental or non-governmental institutions which collaborate on development or environment-related projects, especially at the positions where planning and future trends analysis is a real necessity. In addition, they can find careers in the private sector, especially in high-tech companies which are dependent on the ability to monitor and formulate future trends in the respective sector.

A plenty of scholarships and international opportunities are available to FED students. The Merit Scholarship and Master Course Scholarship for Foreigners are granted to students with very good study results, while Vavroušek and Mobility Scholarships are designed to support internships and student research projects implemented in so-called developing countries. The Department of Development Studies is currently cooperating with more than twenty universities within the ERASMUS+ and ERASMUS MUNDUS programs. ERASMUS program financially supports and makes possible carrying out a part of students' study program at a university in another European country. The department also offers field trips to international institutions and development organisations.

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About the School

It is the university, together with a number of other educational institutions that makes Olomouc the top student city in the Czech Republic – where every fifth person in the city is a student!

It is the university, together with a number of other educational institutions that makes Olomouc the top student city in the Czech Republic – where every fifth person in the city is a student! Read less