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Qualification: Master in Forensic Psychology issued by ISEP

Master's Degree with Recognition of Official Validity of Studies by the Ministry of Public Education and Culture (RVOE)

The Master in Forensic Psychology provides the fundamental skills for the practice of the profession of forensic psychologist in his expert role, as an expert or adviser to the jurist and judge in legal proceedings. You will acquire the necessary tools and knowledge to prepare the forensic report in the different jurisdictions (civil, criminal, labor, minors, etc.) and its exposure (ratification) before Courts and Tribunals.

The theoretical-practical methodology includes the drafting and defense before a court of the expert report, as well as practical examples from real cases.

Master's Program in Forensic Psychology

Introduction to Forensic Psychology and its methodology

  • Introduction to Forensic Psychology and its methodology.
  • Organization of the Administration of Justice in the judicial process.
  • Clinical disorders and their forensic impact.
  • Test in Forensic Psychology.
  • Deontological aspects in Forensic Psychology.

Forensic Psychology in the criminal field

  • Sexual abuse and child abuse.
  • The minor offender and child protection.
  • The forensic report in processes related to criminal imputability.
  • The expert report on procedures of violence against women.
  • The criminal dangerousness and the psychologist in penitentiary institutions.

Forensic Psychology in the civil, labor and other specific areas

  • The expert report on family proceedings.
  • Methodology of the expert report in family procedures and action protocols.
  • Situations of parental interference in custody and custody processes.
  • The expert report on internments and disabilities.
  • Drug addiction and forensic implications.
  • Forensic psychology in the workplace.
  • The psychic disability and its expert assessment.
  • Forensic neuropsychology.

Practical cases in the criminal jurisdiction and ratification of reports

  • Final work of master.
  • Clinical practices

Competences of the Master in Forensic Psychology

  • You will carry out the development of the forensic report in all its stages.
  • You will analyze the most relevant legal concepts for the task of the psychological expert and the function that the expert report fulfills in this legal scenario.
  • You will identify the most relevant psychopathological charts in Forensic Psychology and analyze their impact in this area of ​​intervention.
  • You will select and apply the main assessment instruments in Forensic Psychology and you will know how to analyze the results obtained.

Recipients of the Master's Degree in Forensic Psychology

The Master in Forensic Psychology is aimed at psychology graduates or students in the last year (in this case, the award of the master's degree / diploma will be subject to the previous obtaining of the degree).

Work - Master in Forensic Psychology

It works in defense before the courts of defendants in the criminal field (crimes, sexual abuse, abuse, etc.), civil (separations, guardianship and custody) and labor.

The Master in Forensic Psychology trains both for public bodies and for private practice.

Program taught in:
  • Spanish
  • Spanish (Argentina)
  • Spanish (Mexican)
  • Spanish (Colombia)

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Last updated April 20, 2019
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