Master in Forensic Neuropsychology


Program Description

Venues: Valencia

Hours: Valencia V and S

Qualification: Master in Forensic Neuropsychology issued by ISEP


The Master's Degree in Forensic Neuropsychology applies knowledge from the field of neuropsychology to legal matters, so that clinical neuropsychologists can offer their testimony in trials of people with acquired brain damage, providing neurocognitive data through expert reports and inferences. on brain-behavior relationships in cases involving civil litigation.

This master offers the theoretical-practical tools so that the student can analyze and study the documentation of forensic cases, prepare the expert report for the client and provide the basis for his defense in court through face-to-face simulations with other experts and other role-playing tools and study of real neuropsychological skills.

Master's Program in Forensic Neuropsychology

  • Module 1: Neuroanatomy, psychopharmacology and neuroimaging techniques.
  • Module 2: Main etiologies that cause brain damage.
  • Module 3: Main syndromes in neuropsychology.
  • Module 4: Neurocriminology. Forensic psychobiology.
  • Module 5: Forensic and Legal Medicine.
  • Module 6: Introduction to Forensic Psychology and its methodology.
  • Module 7: Organization of the Administration of Justice. The judicial process.
  • Module 8: The forensic report in processes related to criminal imputability.
  • Module 9: Drug dependence and its relationship with neuropsychiatric processes: forensic implications.
  • Module 10: Forensic neuropsychology in the workplace.
  • Module 11: Classification of disability.
  • Module 12: Evaluation of the simulation.
  • Module 13: Preparation of the neuropsychological expert report. Analysis of forensic cases I.
  • Module 14: Analysis of cases in forensic neuropsychology II.
  • Module 15: ISEP Lead. Develop your professional project and personal brand.
  • Module 16: Practices.
  • Module 17: Final Master's Project.

Competences of the Master in Forensic Neuropsychology

  • Learn to perform forensic expertise after a detailed study of the documentation of clinical cases with brain damage.
  • Learn to defend the conclusions of your neuropsychological expertise.
  • Being able to help the judge clarify the truth in a forensic case that fell within the domain of neuropsychology.

Recipients of the Master in Forensic Neuropsychology

The Master in Forensic Neuropsychology is aimed at psychologists (graduates or graduates) holding the Master in Clinical Neuropsychology (60/90 ECTS), with a Master in Forensic Psychology (60 ECTS) or under the supervision of the Directorate of the Master and the Academic Secretary .

Director of the Master in Forensic Neuropsychology

Raúl Espert Tortajada. Doctor in Psychology, 2009 award for teaching excellence at the UV, CNC 2016 award (Consortium of Clinical Neuropsychology) and expert in Neuropsychology by the General Council of Psychology (COP). Head of the Neuropsychology Unit of the Hospital Clinico Universitario de Valencia. Neuropsychologist at the Dr. Peset University Hospital (1993-1999), at the Arnau Hospital in Vilanova (1999-2006) and currently collaborates with the Neurosurgery Service of the La Fe University and Polytechnic Hospital of Valencia and at the Neuropsychology Unit of the Hospital University Clinic of Valencia. He has participated as a teacher in 42 different master's degrees and has been a researcher or PI in 14 funded national projects. Author of 72 publications of JCR scientific articles, books, book chapters or translations. He has participated as a forensic neuropsychologist in several trials. He has presented 136 papers at national or international conferences and has given 78 conferences, courses or workshops related to neuropsychology. Scientific disseminator on 80 occasions in the press, radio, TV and internet. Responsible for the neuroscience outreach website Member of the Valencian Commission for Professional Accreditation (CNAP-COP-CV) for the accreditation of the National Expert in Clinical Neuropsychology.

ISEP Leads

ISEP provides its students with the ISEP Lidera program for their personal and professional development. It is an additional training, free of charge and totally optional, which allows developing skills to achieve success.

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