Master in Foreign Languages Applied in Tourism and International Trade


Program Description

  • Level of qualification: 7 ISCED Level
  • Duration: 2 years 
  • Number of study credits: 120 ECTS, 4 semesters
  • Earliest Start Date: October 2020
  • Languages: (French, Spanish, English, German, Chinese, Korean in different language combinations A/B: French-English, English-German, etc.)
  • Tuition Fee:
    • EU students: 1000 EUR/per year
    • Romanian students: 500 EUR/per year
    • Non-EU students: 2000 EUR/per year 

Program Description

The master's program is aimed at training specialists in the field of languages applied in tourism and international trade and is intended for graduates of the Bachelor's degree who want to deepen their knowledge and skills previously acquired in the field of translation specialized in tourism and international trade. The program contains fundamental and specialization disciplines (compulsory and optional), in the area of tourism, international trade, and terminology specific to these fields.

Career Prospects

The graduate of the proposed program can carry out its professional activity in touristic and commercial organizations and other related activities, such as: international and multinational business units, transnational companies; central and local administration (city councils, mayors, directions, etc.), representatives of international organizations; embassies and foreign cultural bodies; publishing units; editors of magazines and newspapers (including online); tourist offices; translation bureaus; museums, wineries; business clubs; broadcasting television; educational branches; research units (institutes, centers, scientific laboratories, archives); missions and charitable foundations; sport clubs etc. as a translator, linguist, translator/multilingual terminologist, interpreter, specialist in multilingual documentary monitoring, translator-reviewer, professional translator, films translator (sub-titration and doubling), conference interpreter, touristic guide, scientist (linguist, terminologist, lexicographer, terminographer), etc.

ULIM students

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International Perspectives

Apart from the internationally –oriented curriculum, students will get the chance to experience foreign cultures and perspectives through exchange programs with more than 100 partner universities worldwide. Significant international opportunities are also offered by working groups formed of international students, lectures given by international visiting professors, as well as by international study tours. 


Semester 1

  • Translation - Multilingual Documentary Monitoring  Language A
  • Translation - Multilingual Documentary Monitoring Language B
  • Methodology and Ethics of  Research in Philology
  • Introduction to International Tourism
  • Introduction to International Trade
  • Excursion Theory and Practice

Semester 2

  • Language of Tourism: Difficulties of Translation Language A
  • Project Management
  • Current Research Issues within the Training Area of Philology
  • Language of Tourism: Difficulties of Translation Language B
  • International Economic Organizations
  • International Trade Negotiations
  • Special Interest Tourism
  • Business Tourism

Semester 3

  • Terminology and Terminography
  • Specialized Terminology and Databases
  • International Economic Relations
  • International Transactions
  • Language of International Economic Organizations Language A
  • Language of International Economic Organizations Language B
  • Internship

Semester 4

  • Research and Master Degree Thesis Elaboration
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