Master in Food Technology

University of Algarve

Program Description

Master in Food Technology

University of Algarve

The aim of MSc programme in Food Technology is to provide a general understanding of food properties and production, and knowledge in technologies involved in the production of safe and healthy food that qualifies the recipient not only to analyse and control, but also to design, innovate and develop food production systems and food products.

Those completing the MSc in Food Technology can integrate research and development (R&D) institutions/departments, food company’s technical staff or work at intermediate/senior management level in the food industry. The acquired skills will enable them to carry out activities associated with e.g. the processing and analysis of food and (alcoholic) beverages, research and development of new food products and processes, food safety and quality, assessment and mitigation of environmental impact of the food industry, traceability and authenticity of food products.


  • Students will acquire the necessary skills to work in the design, implementation and innovation of processes and products in the area of food science and technology;
  • Students will obtain the fundamental knowledge to understand the physical, chemical and biological properties of food and drink, as well as the changes resulting from technological processes and methods of control the food quality at the different stages of production, in order to obtain safe final products;
  • Students will be able to create original applications, solve problems and produce ethical, social and environmentally responsible judgments, in new situations.

Career Opportunities:

Development of professional activities in the industry, public administration, education/training, consulting services, audit, regulation, in the food technology area:

Innovating and developing production, preservation and packaging processes of food;

Controlling and managing the chemical, microbiological, nutritional, sensorial and authenticity of food quality, in order to ensure food safety;

Mitigating the environmental impact of food industries.

This school offers programs in:
  • English
  • Portuguese (Portugal)

Cost & Fees

Application rate Registration fee and School Insurance Annual value of the tuition fee Value of the tuition fee for international students*
50€ 175€ 969,83€ 4000€
Note: The rate of this course can be paid in installments of similar value 8, being the first at the time of registration and the remaining in the months of October, November, February, March, April, may and June.
*in accordance with Decree-Law No. 36/2014, are not considered international students, nationals of a Member State of the European Union.

Entry Requirements

a) Holders of a degree in the areas of Food Engineering, Food Science, Biology, Chemistry, Agronomy, Biotechnology, Biomedical Sciences or equivalent degree, obtained in agreement with the principles of the Bologna Process.

b) Holders of a foreign academic degree: - attributed in a first cycle of studies organized according to the principles of the Bologna Process by a signatory state to this process; - recognized as fulfilling the objectives of a degree by the Scientific Councils, Technical-Scientific Councils, or Scientific Committee of the associated organizational units;

c) Where duly justified, holders of an academic, scientific or professional curriculum vitae that is recognized as attesting the capacity to carry out this cycle of studies by the Scientific Councils, Technical-Scientific Councils, or Scientific Committee of the associated organizational units.

Candidate Selection Criteria:

  • Academic qualifications (degree and duration of the course) [Max: 5 points];
  • Education (final standings) [Max: 5 points];
  • Curricular Assessment (professional and scientific experience) [Max: 5 points];
  • In case of a tie the realization of interview will be required

Required Documentation

  • Duly filled application form;
  • Certificates of academic qualifications;
  • Curriculum vitae;
  • Copy of personal identification document (Citizen Card or equivalent);
  • Recommendation letter (optional)

Last updated September 28, 2017
Duration & Price
This course is Campus based
Start Date
Start date
Sept. 2018
2 years
Full time
4,000 EUR
Portugal - Faro
Start date: Sept. 2018
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Sept. 2018
Portugal - Faro
Application deadline Request Info
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EU Citizens: 969,83€ / International: 4000€